by tinfriend 19 Jun 2020

Hi Cuties,First time I am uploading a project here! This is such a cute design I just had to share /show it with you all! It is a ITH Sashiko bag. I am absolutely delighted with how cute and easy this bag stitched out - my new favourite and I plan on stitching out more for my Quilting friends for Christmas pressies!

The design is available from Meryl Makes.


by pennifold 21 Jun 2020

Well done Sandie, they will be great gifts. Love Chris

by tinfriend 20 Jun 2020

Thank you to everyone for all your comments! Thanks too for Mops for correcting the fact that I have posted before YEARS ago - honestly cannot recall that! My apologies! Flowers for all!xx

rescuer by rescuer 20 Jun 2020

Click on your user name and then select Projects. You will see all of them. This works on other user names as well.

tinfriend by tinfriend 21 Jun 2020

Thanks for the tip!x

by blueeyedblonde 20 Jun 2020

Great looking bag!

by shirley124 19 Jun 2020

Very nice. Hugs

by dailylaundry 19 Jun 2020

Love this bag - great colors too!! Hugs and stay safe!!

by asterixsew Moderator 19 Jun 2020

Congratulations on getting your work into projects. I see you have been a member for a while so please don't leave it as long again before you post. IIts a great piece of work and love your choice of fabric

by cj2sew 19 Jun 2020

Love the sashiko look.

by mops Moderator 19 Jun 2020

It looks very pretty. I like the quilting, and the colour. It will make nice presents.

You did post earlier, 3 times, in 2009.

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tinfriend by tinfriend 20 Jun 2020

WOW - my mind must be failing me - thank you for correcting this! I honestly cannot remember that! Oh dear!x

by sonjapotgieter 19 Jun 2020

Beautiful!!!Great work and design!!!

by dragonflyer 19 Jun 2020

Very nice!

tinfriend by tinfriend 19 Jun 2020

Thank you!x

myriamstyle by myriamstyle 22 Jun 2020

Hello, a really nice job ... good! A very useful accessory also to make a small present to friends. Thanks for your advice
with regard