by mary51 12d ago

New mask!


by blueeyedblonde 6d ago

What an awesome mask!

by lhart 9d ago

You did a great job! You just have to smile when you see this.

by sonjapotgieter 10d ago

Do not let them get to you!!!!It is Stunning..Would love to display it around..You get jealous people out there!!!Great mask..Love it!!!

by mary51 11d ago

Thank you for this comments. ja ja ja for sure i did get a lot of compliments but there are bitter people on this world. yesterday in a FB page they called me lost of names including moron( I even had to go to Spanish -English meaning because I did not understand the word .. tarada..) . I ask myself why is the need for insults _ another thing I saw. this happened in a Spanish speaking site. i got the same foto in Embroidery for Beginners and the response were all positive. Why?

crafter2243 by crafter2243 11d ago

It takes all kinds of people to make up this world. The angry ones are mostly very unhappy and need to be pitied

cj2sew by cj2sew 11d ago

Embroidery people know you put an extra layer and love the design. Know it all's want to criticize, hater's got to hate, but I bet if they got one of these cool masks they would wear it too.

by castor 11d ago

you sure will get Comments wearing That what a Hoot just love it hugs

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mary51 by mary51 11d ago

OH yes I did!!!! ja ja ja

by fbusby1 12d ago

Great job, may I ask where you got this pattern ?.

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mary51 by mary51 11d ago

Samart Needle free masks!!! and the mask i went to YouTube i can not tell you exactly i just browse and found this one i like. It covers your nose and chin.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12d ago

I can see a teenager dying to own this mask. Well maybe the way I feel I would too. Great job.