by basketkase 09 Dec 2019

Got a couple of things done today........I have some big orders coming and wanted to get these designs out.... There are Shopping Girl 3&4 and CMasKittyBird (This design is suppose to have 2 colors on the cat and when I stitched it I told machine same color...ugh, so his tali and feet and face are to be a lighter shade) and then there is CMas Moose......they should be up on my website tonight.


by shozo1271 11 Dec 2019

You are a very talented young lady! :) Love your animals!!

by pennifold 10 Dec 2019

Great work on them all. Love Chris

by stork 09 Dec 2019

Love the colors on the cat and that moos is so adorable!

by sonjapotgieter 09 Dec 2019

Well wishes coming to you from South Africa!!!Beautiful designs!!!

by noah 09 Dec 2019

Love them All hope your feeling well again??hugs xxxx

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basketkase by basketkase 09 Dec 2019

Getting there...