by basketkase 6d ago

I have bought a lot of these Gnomes because I thought they were so will take some time to digi these but will get to them as quickly as I can. This is Gnomies #1,2 & 6.....they will be up on my website tonight.......


by wilkusters 5d ago

hello where can i buy this cute gnomes please? I cant find them on the site

basketkase by basketkase edited 4d ago Go to search bar and type in gnomies, they will appear...…..

wilkusters by wilkusters 4d ago

found them thank you

by noah 5d ago

bottom one looks like me in winter only the white is my scarf lol Great job Vicki hugs xx

by graceandham 5d ago

Really like them all, especially #3. Mischievousness and fun and mystery.

by gramsbear 5d ago

Oh they are so CUTE!!!

by sewdeb 6d ago

Love these little guys! They're adorable!

by marianb 6d ago

Wow love these..

by stork 6d ago

Vicki, These are wonderful! Love the details in the leaf hat.

by carolpountney 6d ago

I love them so cute

by dragonflyer 6d ago

I love Gnomes!! I digitized some for my kids Christmas stuffies this year...These are adorable!

by dailylaundry 6d ago

Oh, my Vicki - they are the cutest!!

by shozo1271 6d ago

OMGosh Vicki, these are the cutest little things I have seen in a long time. I Love gnomes!!! I am going to buy everyone of these that you put out and make my little grand girl a quilt. You think all different colors will be good? hugs.

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basketkase by basketkase 6d ago

Yes, in fact can't wait to see what color combos you can come up with!