by marietherese 27 Jun 2019

Hello everybody, here is what I was working at lately, besides organizing my garden ! I think that I'll start working for Xmas now . What do you think about it? Love Marie


by cfidl 03 Jul 2019

Fabulous work!

by worthy 30 Jun 2019

Lovely , Lovely, Lovely such a wonderful job and love the fabric choices. Great Pattern. I also want to be on your Christmas list.;-)

by sewdeb 30 Jun 2019

I sure wish I was on you gift list! :-) These are terrific!

by sewpam 29 Jun 2019

Those aprons are not only practical they are beautiful. Too nice to wear cooking. Love them!!

marietherese by marietherese 30 Jun 2019

No ! no ! they must be worn cooking and receiving friends, I call them not aprons but little dresses.

sewpam by sewpam 01 Jul 2019

Little dresses is a good name for them. I agree with you about wearing them. When I give home made items, I always reassure it is to be used.

by noah 29 Jun 2019

Marie i think they are lovely Do u need my address??Hugs

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marietherese by marietherese 30 Jun 2019

I'd love to be near you to do something together but I think it's too far . Exactly where about ?

by lbrow 28 Jun 2019

They are lovely. Takes me back almost 60 odd yes when every woman had aprons like these. Nice to see them coming back. Every house dress my grand made she bought an extra yard and made a matching apron. And then , there were Sunday ones and company ones. Always a clean one hanging near if someone came unexpected.

by toogie 28 Jun 2019

Any and all of these would make very nice gifts, they are so well made. I especially like the bottom one with the lemons on the front. They seem vintage and I love them!

by zoefzoef 28 Jun 2019

Super nice work !

by hoschel 28 Jun 2019

Love it so nice work

by blueeyedblonde 28 Jun 2019

Love all of them!

by marietherese 28 Jun 2019

Thanks to all of you ! You're so sweet. Love and hugs Marie

by graceandham 27 Jun 2019

Love them. Beautiful stitchout on the first apron. I'd be afraid to put stains on it!

by jrob Moderator 27 Jun 2019

They're so cute! I love aprons.

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toogie by toogie 28 Jun 2019

I do too jrob!

by pennifold 27 Jun 2019

These are all gorgeous Marie, I love number 5 with all the lemons. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 28 Jun 2019

We both picked the same one-lol

by babash 27 Jun 2019

Love the style reminds me of my Aunt she always wore one like this on the farm when she cooked.
Well done the colours are beautiful.

by pennyhal2 27 Jun 2019

I've never seen an apron in this style before. Your placement of the fabric really make these special. Love them!

by sonjapotgieter 27 Jun 2019

Stunning Aprons completed!!!Great work done!!Beautiful!!!

by dailylaundry 27 Jun 2019

I love these - I wish I had one!!! Well done!

by airyfairy 27 Jun 2019

They are lovely. I especially like the first one

by basketkase 27 Jun 2019

All are lovely

by bead 27 Jun 2019

Your aprons are beautiful........I made aprons for the women in our family one year for Christmas and they all loved them...........

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toogie by toogie 28 Jun 2019

I made some for the women bus drivers one year for Christmas with a different pattern, tho.

by dragonflyer 27 Jun 2019

Beautiful aprons...