by baydreamer 31 Mar 2019

Made myself a set. I place a piece of elastic in the tab to hold the pen. I thought for those who have a hard time turning small items, like the tab used here. Get these , I have no ideal what they are called but are great, small teeth and lock in place . Thanks for looking!


by sonjapotgieter 01 Apr 2019

Stunning job done...Awesome designs!!!Beautiful!!

by Bevie 01 Apr 2019

They're called hemostats or forceps.

by sdrise 01 Apr 2019

Nice job! Funny how we seldom make things for u=ourselves we seem to give it all away. ...

by pennifold 01 Apr 2019

Great set and yes, they are called Hemostats. They are grips used in surgical operations etc. Great for gripping things in our embroidery designs too. Love Chris

by dixie 01 Apr 2019

Love them, very useful as well. May I ask where did you get the design from Val

baydreamer by baydreamer 01 Apr 2019

The over all quilting is from designs by Juju. the wallet and book cover started off as mug rug and the business card was and applique . They all had the shape I needed just figured out where and when to add the sleeves to make them into what they are.

dixie by dixie 02 Apr 2019

Thank You a very clever lady

by blueeyedblonde 01 Apr 2019

You did a nice job!

by worthy 31 Mar 2019

Wonderful book cover and very nice tip for pen. Love your fabric choice.
When in school we called them hemostats, but as I use something like them in my sewing room I prefer clamps. ;-) Thank you for sharing.

by shirley124 31 Mar 2019

Love your Book. I have a pair of those tweezer things. Great

by robertahilde 31 Mar 2019

Very nice, elegant and practical !

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Mar 2019

Well done. I am glad you you did something for yourself. Your items may be called surgical tweezers or locking tweezer clamp. I love them for pulling up the bobbin thread

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baydreamer by baydreamer 31 Mar 2019

Thanks for letting my know what they are!

by noah 31 Mar 2019

Awesome set lobe them hugs xxx