by basketkase 11 Mar 2019

Working on client stuff today.......these are some more tshirts for the 85 yr old lady in the nursing home who love Chihuahua's and need to have her name on clothing so they don't get swiped........These are all my own designs...


by KlondikeKate 13 Mar 2019

When will these designs be available for purchase?

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basketkase by basketkase edited 14 Mar 2019

I put these together for a client using different aspects of designs I already have available....I can get these put up on my website sometime this week......

by sonjapotgieter 12 Mar 2019

So Beautiful!!!!Gorgeous designs!!!

by pennyhal2 12 Mar 2019

These will certainly cheer her up! I think more nursing homes/memory care places are allowing people to bring their pets with them. Pets can certainly make people feel better.

by stork 12 Mar 2019

So cute!!! This is a wonderful idea to prevent loss.

by marianb 12 Mar 2019

So cute my daughter has a grey one and little Miss Cloe is rather spoilt..

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basketkase by basketkase 12 Mar 2019

Aren't all our furbabies….tee hee!

by noah 11 Mar 2019

She will love these Vicki hugs

by pennifold 11 Mar 2019

Great work on all of these Vicki. It's great to have personalised clothing like this so it doesn't get misplaced, especially in nursing homes, where things seem to disappear quite often! Love Chris

by toogie 11 Mar 2019

Lookin' good! Love the designs,too.

by awesome1 11 Mar 2019

My MIL got her clothes lost at the nursing home all the time. We kept having to replace them even tho I had labels inside. I did not, but wish I DID have emb machine back then. I'm sure I could have personalized her belongings ...a great help for the staff to locate and return. They are so over worked, it's difficult to track down everything. This lady should have no problem getting her shirts to their correct owner. Very cute..she should love the designs.