by basketkase 21d ago

This is what has kept me busy today.......did 7 of these for the guy who makes those bomber jackets.......these are tshirts he will be debuting at a spring collection show put on by local clothing designers.....I love doing stuff for him as he is not afraid of doesn't really show here, but this is neon orange and looks so good with the black...

I did not use white thread, I told him we would let the shirt show through as the white color......


by sonjapotgieter 20d ago

Stunning!!!Love the colour you used!!!Awesome work put into it!!

by noah 20d ago

Love it C for Carolyn right???hugs xx

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basketkase by basketkase 20d ago

Lol, right!

by laurasomi 20d ago

That looks super Vicky,

by asterixsew Moderator 20d ago

Great work and I'm sure that they will go well