by noah 05 Jan 2019

I DID IT KIM*********Took a long time to sew but i love it****This gal Amie Lyn(who the bibs are 4) loves green and i loved this green design so i just had to sew it on here*****What DO you SEE when u look at it????Kim's designs always sew so perfect i am truly blessed to call her my friend****Thanks for LQQKING and i hope i haven't bored you all with so many creations????Hugs Carolyn


by robinbird 06 Jan 2019

This is such a delightful bib you'd done& this children's print you'd used looks so fun too.Hoping to find where you'd discovered the design for it too. Thanks for sharing it &have a blessed New Year. :~D

noah by noah 07 Jan 2019

Ask the digitizer about the design ok

robinbird by robinbird 10 Jan 2019

Okay,thanks,for your kind suggestion.Have a sew fine evening too.

by blueeyedblonde 06 Jan 2019

Love this! I saw a bird and then zoomed in and saw a bird!
Beautiful! Great job to you both!

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noah by noah 06 Jan 2019

Did u see a tree????

by pennifold 06 Jan 2019

Great work on this one Carolyn, I love the tree/bird that Kim has digitised as well. It's turned out beautifully. Your friend will love them all, love Chris

1 comment
noah by noah 06 Jan 2019

Thanks Chris hugs

by brendalea 06 Jan 2019

Love it, I see in the smaller pictures a Tree, zoomed in and I see a Bird.
Also love the You can't fix stupid. Thank you for sharing, love your work.
Happy Stitching :-)

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noah by noah 06 Jan 2019

Thanks Brenda ya i gotta finish them next for a friend****

by pennyhal2 06 Jan 2019

I see a wind blown tree breaking its earthly bonds and turning into flight! A fantastic design!!! You are putting your perfect satin stitch edging to good use! We all get a long with a little help from our friends!

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noah by noah edited 06 Jan 2019

Yes 4 sure hugs and u see correctly

by sonjapotgieter 06 Jan 2019

Beautiful!!!Design looks Stunning

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noah by noah 06 Jan 2019

thanks hugs

by dragonflyer 06 Jan 2019

Well, Carolyn, I think you finally did do it! See what having the correctly digitized design does for the final outcome! That is why I wanted you to wait until I could get them to you...makes all the difference in the world...
Did you notice that I even included the topstitching in the design for you too? I am very glad you are happy...great job trimming too...look, no pokies!

noah by noah 06 Jan 2019

yep i love it and again thanks:):)

robinbird by robinbird 06 Jan 2019

HI Kim,Would you consider sharing this delightful bib design or perhaps selling it?I'm a new Grammy to my 2nd grandchild(a sweet little girl)& have an elderly mom who could use one too. Let me knows if it's a possibility or not. Blessings&happy New Year to all.

by sandralane 05 Jan 2019

Another brilliant job, both of you, well done .

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noah by noah 05 Jan 2019

Thanks Sandra hugs

by dday 05 Jan 2019

I love both the bib and the tree bird, that is so cool! It is done so well.
Good job both of you.

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noah by noah 05 Jan 2019

Yes i loved that design toooooooo

by peafarm 05 Jan 2019

These bibs I can not get enough of. Kim did a great job and satin stitching is nice and dense so not to show any pokies-Carolyn--great job, I love them. I've been after something like this for a long time for Community Baby Shower and something I can use my scraps on. Ah-wishful thinking.

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noah by noah 06 Jan 2019

Ah ask the digitizer ok

by lilylady 05 Jan 2019

This one is perfect, love it!

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noah by noah 05 Jan 2019

Thanks for looking!!!!!

by shirley124 05 Jan 2019

Great bib. You can't fix this stupid either lol. Hugs

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noah by noah 05 Jan 2019


by devon 05 Jan 2019

Love it great job!!!!

noah by noah 05 Jan 2019

Well hello my ole friend nice to see u stop in ******

devon by devon 06 Jan 2019

I know have been working to much. LOL