by noah 16d ago

Well i said i wanted to try something different and Kim asked me what i was thinking****I told her bibs my sister's boy and his wife are having their first baby end of May or first of June** So today we are doing Bibs ***Love the quilting on this one *****Thanks Kim for ALL your help****Thanks 4 LQQKING!!!!Hugs Carolyn


by blueeyedblonde 14d ago

Looks great!

by pennyhal2 15d ago

I've seen a lot of ITH quilting embroidery, but I haven't seen it used on a bib! I often wonder if motifs put on bibs would be too rough on a baby's face depending on the placement of the design. I think this type of bib would make a great adult size bib too. Nice work!

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noah by noah 15d ago

it would but the frames would not sew one*** i made about 100 of them a few years ago for the home where the seniors live***

by jerrib 15d ago

Good job both of you...

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noah by noah 15d ago

Thanks Jerri nice to see u here***

by babash 15d ago

That looks good love the honey comb effect of the fabric. I am sure you will be making some more and embroidering on them. Something like Spit Happens or what ever saying your family has.

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noah by noah 15d ago

lol must try that hugs

by pennifold 15d ago

I love the quilting effect and the fabric is so nice too. Well done to the both of you. Love Chris

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noah by noah 15d ago

thanks Chris****hugs

by sonjapotgieter 15d ago

Looks Gorgeous!!!Gift that is Always Welcome!!!Can never have enough!!!Beautiful!!

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noah by noah 15d ago

Thanks Sonja we are having sewing fun***hugs

by bemara 15d ago

Wow, looks great, hugs

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noah by noah 15d ago

Thanks hugs4u2

by Barbaric 16d ago

It looks lovely, Is it an ITH design and are you going to embroider on it?
love Barb

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noah by noah 15d ago

yes ith no emb. on this as i love to see the awesome Quilting she has done 4me hugs