by pamelahess 23 Nov 2018

I embroidered these applique letters and glued them onto poster board. I first attempted to just cut out some of the ribbon and glue it onto wooden letters but that didn't work so well. The epiphany that I could embroider them instead of gluing ribbon onto wood came during a sleepless night (worrying about how to get it done). The ribbon is only 2 1/2" wide and the letters are about 3 1/2" wide, so I had to match the ribbon up. This was not the easiest project I've ever tackled, but I like the way it turned out. Yeah, I know the letters need straightening, I just need to take the time to remove them and try to do that without any damage to the frame. Thanks for looking. ~Pam


by cfidl 27 Nov 2018

This is a wonderful frame. Good job! The letters look fine to me.

by phone1lady 27 Nov 2018

It is beautiful & I agree with pennyhal2 the letters are perfect just as they are, they stand out making joy much more meaningful. GREAT JOB!!!!

by noah 24 Nov 2018

Nice Job for sure hugs

by pennifold 24 Nov 2018

I love how this has turned out, well done. Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 24 Nov 2018

So Beautiful!!!Great work and design!!!

by pennyhal2 24 Nov 2018

This is a wonderful project! I love the bow and pine branches! A lot of times I've seen letters that were offset from one another that looked fantastic! I sure wouldn't reposition the letters because they are fantastic as they are. Besides, the right side of them line up perfectly to the outside rim. So they are perfect!

by greytgirl 24 Nov 2018

Your project turned out lovely Pam and if you had not mentioned the letters, I would not have noticed. Great creativity on your part!

by stork 24 Nov 2018

Love this idea! Great colors Pam!

by dragonflyer 24 Nov 2018

Great project, Pam!

by michemb 24 Nov 2018

lovely idea

by lilylady 24 Nov 2018

Very nice.

by carolpountney 24 Nov 2018

Very nice well done

by Barbaric 24 Nov 2018

It looks very striking.

by tinfriend 24 Nov 2018

Love this idea - well done!!

by stock 24 Nov 2018

lovely the letters look ok to me..wendy

by babash 23 Nov 2018

That is so beautiful. Lots of thinking and re thinking but sure worth it when it looks this good.
I didn't notice the word was crooked until you told me.

Just love how you achieved the words with the ribbon being 1 inch narrower,
Well done y