by basketkase 6d ago

Here are some great quilt designs.......these are called CMas Quilt Squares and will be available as a set on my website tonight......


by pennifold 5d ago

Just purchased this set Vicki, so looking forward to giving them a go this weekend! Your purchase process is fabulous! Love Chris

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basketkase by basketkase 5d ago

Aawww, thank you for the kind words, Chris...

by pennifold 5d ago

Well Vicki, you've won me with these ones! They are simply stunningly beautiful. Love Chris

by sewdeb 5d ago

Oh, Vicki! These are stunningly gorgeous!

by bemara 6d ago

timeless nice designs, hugs Maria

by sonjapotgieter 6d ago

What Beautiful squares..Bright colours let it just be WOW!!!!Stunning Love it!!!

by pennyhal2 6d ago

I really like the variety of themes you used for these. Every thing from boxes to poinsettias! Very nicely done!

by stork 6d ago

Wonderful block designs! Love the way the gifts and trees turned out.