by pamelahess 23 Jul 2018

Hi all. I took a pair of $4.00 thrift store GAP jeans, added a lot of embroidery and a little paint and turned them into a current trendy pair. It was a lot of fun, but getting those flowers and butterfly on the top part was a real bear! That's where the paint came in. To cut down on too many stitches at the top, I only did outline flowers and butterfly and filled them in with paint. The large 2 flowers at my knee , as well as the blue flowers above the knee are from Kreations by Kara. Try it! Thank you for looking! ~ Pam


by dordonc 30 Jul 2018

great job love it when the result is so explosif.......

by crazystitcher 28 Jul 2018

Lovely job - they look great! - did you use tear-away or cut-away stabilizer on the underside for this stretchy denim?

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pamelahess by pamelahess 30 Jul 2018

I used cutaway, but that probably was a mistake, as its pretty stiff. The pair I'm working on now has tearaway and its not too stiff, given the stitch count is over 40,000.

by gdsteliga 26 Jul 2018

They are great. Love them.


by zoefzoef 25 Jul 2018

What a great looking paints you have now. Well done!

by lucy12345 25 Jul 2018

Wonderful job, Well done

by jrob Moderator 24 Jul 2018

Love, love, love!

by sonjapotgieter 24 Jul 2018

What a Awesome job you have done!!!It is Beautiful..Love it...Gorgeous!!!!

by dee 24 Jul 2018

Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing

by dailylaundry 24 Jul 2018

Oh wow - well done - they are wonderful!!!

by pennifold 24 Jul 2018

These look fantastic and you've got a great pair of legs. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 24 Jul 2018

Great job, Pamela...I haven't done a pair of jeans in several years...I did lots of them when I first got my Ellisimo...these look like a blast from the them!

by katydid 24 Jul 2018

Love it!

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pamelahess by pamelahess 24 Jul 2018

Thank you! By the way, if you are "Katy-Do", I bought a lot of your fonts from Sick and I absolutely love them! On the Christmas jeans I'm currently working on, I'm most likely going to use one of your fonts to put lettering vertically on them. I just can't wait.

by mops Moderator 23 Jul 2018

These look fabulous. Great idea to use paint as well. A mlot of work. I know as I did one years ago when Husqvarna came out with a special card. Did only one leg and not the top part and had to open the inner seam. Added some crystals as well, specially bought the magic want. Wore it once and then someone was so smitten with it that I had to gift it as I "could always do another one" - which of course never happened :)
Enjoy wearing it, you'll look stunning!

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pamelahess by pamelahess 24 Jul 2018

Thank you! I too did a pair years ago after seeing a pair of very expensive ready made jeans with a triangle piece of lace at the hem. I made mine, wore them once & gave them away. Not because anyone admired them, but because by putting the design at the hem and nothing higher, it visually cut my legs off. I'm 5'1" and it made me look like I was a tank dwarf. Not a pleasing look at all. That's why I had these flowers travel all the way up. In my opinion it lengthened the looks of my legs. On these I had (still have) intentions of putting some crystals on them. Havent gotten around to it yet. But I will. Maybe. LOL

by basketkase 23 Jul 2018

These are fantastic......what an eyecatcher!!

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pamelahess by pamelahess 24 Jul 2018

Thank you!

by graceandham 23 Jul 2018

Wow! You got the look. Would it be easier to make the flowers as patches and attach with regular sewing machine? Also, just curious, did you open all the inside leg seams? These are happy pants.

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pamelahess by pamelahess 24 Jul 2018

Thank you. I opened the inner seam about half way up to start, and as it became more difficult the higher I got, I wound up opening it all the way to within about an inch of the crotch. I did the final top flowers and butterfly from the top down, it was just easier that way. I learned a lot as I went along, These are that stretchy denim so it started to pucker after the first thousand or so stitches. I immediately added more stabilizer underneath & a wash away stabilizer on the top of the design. That solved the puckering. As far as a patch goes, yeah, probably would have been easier in the long run, and on my next pair I will try that. I've already started a pair of Christmas jeans. I'm very excited about them and these flowered jeans were just the motivation I needed to crank up Miss Daisy (my BL Destiny) and gitterdun!!!