by lbrow 18 Jul 2018

Wanted to show you girls how much I loved the quilt you and Angie did for me. It is hanging behind the bed I sleep in every night. I love it. Had a bad fall 4 weeks ago. Did not break anything but had a very bad bone bruise on left arm, a concussion and a cut on the bone just above my left eye. Still hurts when I lay on it. Anyway I am back on my feet again but still have skin tears I'm trying to get well. One entire side of my face and eye was Purple and I looked horrid. Abby the 7 yr old said " ooooh what a black eye you have" God still looking after me. No one could understand why nothing was broken. Love and have missed you. Lillian


by teun 20 Jul 2018

👍👍💟 Ganz toll

by katydid 19 Jul 2018

So sorry to hear this. We love you.

by pennyhal2 19 Jul 2018

Oh dear! That was a nasty fall, but I'm glad you are healing. It just takes time...a lot of time sometimes! Loved seeing your quilt and pillow! It really is fabulous!

by basketkase 19 Jul 2018

What a lovely way to keep Cute love close by......we are all looking over sorry you had such a fall......yes, God is keeping you in his hands...….take care, Lillian...….we love you!

by dragonflyer 18 Jul 2018

Oh, Miss Lillian...what an ordeal you have been through...Your quilt looks right at home above your bed...especially with all of the angels looking after you...I wish you a full and speedy recovery...glad you are getting better and so grateful you did not break any bones...

by pennifold 18 Jul 2018

So lovely to see the quilt Miss Lillian and I am so glad you had no broken bones. I pray for you every night and hope that you will soon be back on here more often. Love Chris

by rescuer Moderator 18 Jul 2018

I have missed you! I'm thankful you have guardian angels. I hope that quilt helps you feel the love from Cuties around the world. May God keep and protect you!

by graceandham 18 Jul 2018

Owie! Makes me hurt to think of your sweet face messed up Yes, God was right there. What can be done for skin tears?? I've had those on my hand now. Old thin skin (in my case).

by dailylaundry 18 Jul 2018

Loved seeing your quilt again! So sorry about your fall - but, am happy you didn't break anything! Those bruises will all disappear! No more falling!! Loads of love your to Lillian!! Hugs, Laura

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Jul 2018

Oh no. I am so sorry you had a fall. That is no fun. I am so glad you did not break anything and thank God for that. I hope you will heal fast. Sending hugs.

by mops Moderator 18 Jul 2018

Oh dear! I am so sorry this happened and so glad you did not break bones! Praying for healing.
The quilt looks lovely.

by jrob Moderator 18 Jul 2018

Goodness, gracious! I'm so sorry. I'm glad that you didn't break any bones, but you and I can understand and know why. Sending you gentle hugs and prayers for those still sore spots to heal on up. Love you dear lady!

by noah 18 Jul 2018

Glad you are ok hugs xx