by cantab 30 May 2018

My Christmas quilt is close to being done its only took me 2 years lol


by pennyhal2 31 May 2018

It was two years well spent! Some things just take time and have to simmer a while before getting done. This will be a cheerful quilt and great to have around at Christmas. I think I'd tie this quilt to give it an old fashioned tone.

by basketkase 31 May 2018

Glad you finished it as it is awesome!!

by sebsews 31 May 2018

Great job on getting your beautiful quilt finished in record time (according to me) LOL. Hugs, Suzanna

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 May 2018

Some things just take longer then others. Now since it is done, don't you feel great? You should. Now you are already ready for Christmas. Nicely done.

by toogie 30 May 2018

Well, at least you did something the last two years about a quilt. I have been thinking about one that long!!!
Nice job you've got done. I can't tell if you've quilted it yet or is this just the finished top?

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cantab by cantab 31 May 2018

It's just the top and I hope to have it quilted before Christmas

by worthy 30 May 2018

Thanks for the laugh and sharing your beautiful quilt. Big congratulations to you also

by kustomkuddle 30 May 2018

It is so cute! Love the variety of designs that you used. Very nicely done!

by pennifold 30 May 2018

Well now, you don't want to rush these things he he he! I love anything to do with Christmas and you've nailed this one. Love Chris