by basketkase 18d ago

Starting to work on these jacket I purchased earlier this year......these will go into my fall hoping there will be some camping people there, I cut and pasted a couple of my designs together to make the left chest and right shoulder design......the back design I enlarged to fit into my 10x10 hoop.......


by sonjapotgieter 16d ago

Beautiful design and work done!!

by katydid 16d ago

Yes, a great job and I like the glamping word also. I think it is glorified camping. I am sure Carolyn will fill up in on the correct word as she belongs to the club of campers.

by pennyhal2 17d ago

There probably will be some campers and trailer people there. It has become a more common and enjoyable way to spend time. They'd make a nice gift too! The thread colors you chose are great for that jacket too. Love it!

by noah 18d ago

What size is the jacket i love it lol

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katydid by katydid 16d ago

I knew you would!