by lique 15 Mar 2018

This is the finished bike quilt. All designs are from embroidery library. I always wanted to use them in I a quilt and knew exactly what fabric to use to make it, so it only took me half a year to find the right bikers fabric, but it was worth the wait. This one I keep for myself.


by snowbird42 20 Mar 2018

FANTASTIC I bet you are thrilled with the finished quilt...soozie

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Mar 2018

Fantastic job!! You are right. The background fabric is perfect. Lucky you to have found it.

by basketkase 19 Mar 2018

Love, Love, Love.......great job...

by sewdeb 19 Mar 2018

What a great quilt! Love the blocks on point - that really draws your eye into those great bike designs.

by sdrise 19 Mar 2018

Love it and love the back ground too. Nice job!

by toogie 19 Mar 2018

I'm glad you waited until you got the fabric you wanted. It really ties it all together. A marvelous work you have accomplished.I thought I was going to choose a favorite block, but it was impossible.-lol-I like the color of the bicycle with the kite. I like the beach items on a yellow block, but I also like the sewing, the bride and the groom (lol),all the butterflies on the green, so you see I like them all! Enjoy your quilt. By the way, what size did it finish?

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lique by lique 19 Mar 2018

It is 1 meter 20 by 90 cm. I use it to keep me warm on chilly days,as I always feel the cold.

by grobin 16 Mar 2018

Beautifully done.

by grobin 16 Mar 2018


by bemara 16 Mar 2018

WOW!! Its a beautiful work! fantasic with the special fabric, very nice quilt, hugs Maria

by pennyhal2 16 Mar 2018

What a marvelous result! I like how you varied the background fabric for the bikes so that the bikes stand out so nicely. Good work!

by shozo1271 16 Mar 2018

WOW!! Its absolutely beautiful!! I, too, have purchased all those bikes from Embroidery Library. My intentions are to make a quilt too. Its on my ever-growing list of things to do LOL

by dragonflyer 16 Mar 2018

Beautiful job...well worth the effort and the wait!

by jrob Moderator 16 Mar 2018


by airyfairy 16 Mar 2018

Quite beautiful. No wonder you are keeping this masterpiece for yourself

by Sewmum1 16 Mar 2018

I love the quilt and the fabric is the perfect choice

by kustomkuddle 16 Mar 2018

Awesome fabric choices turned it into a wonderful quilt.

by lbrow 15 Mar 2018

Love it /Lillian

by katydid 15 Mar 2018

yes, you found the perfect fabric with the bike fabric. I have admired these designs also.

by pennifold 15 Mar 2018

Fantastic find with the bike fabric, well done, love Chris

by shirley124 15 Mar 2018

Very nice. Hugs

by brendalea 15 Mar 2018

Very nice quilt. Thank you for sharing Happy Stitching =)

by graceandham 15 Mar 2018

The little bike fabric just gives such a nice finish to an excellent stitching job. Love it and glad it's yours forever!

by stork 15 Mar 2018

Very nice. Love your colors and fabric!!

by sonjapotgieter 15 Mar 2018

That is Beautiful!!!!Gorgeous Quilt...Stunning work done!!

by liliana1 15 Mar 2018

WOW! really great

by asterixsew Moderator 15 Mar 2018

A beautiful piece of work now have you made it for anyone specific or for your craft fair?

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lique by lique 15 Mar 2018

This one I made for myself.