Colors: 33 

Letter A

Design #: 10661260
Price: $1.97
Design Details
Size (in): 6.02"(w) x 5.51"(h)
Size (mm): 153 x 140
Stitches: 37800
Colors: 33 Color Chart: View | Print
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bunnyembossedfont embossed a
bettyline by bettyline 27d ago

Thank you

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Remember all daily free designs are offered based on votes from the Community. Each day begins with zero votes and the one with the most votes at the end -- is the new free design for that coming day.

markus by markus 28d ago

Thank you

LynnLaw by LynnLaw 28d ago

Thank you, cant waite to try it out :)

antonella11trevisanato by antonella11trevisanato 28d ago


quiltmomejg by quiltmomejg 28d ago

I am confused, where is the next letter "N".

sewmadau by sewmadau 28d ago

We have already had the letter A is this a mistake

mv65 by mv65 27 Feb 2020

Thank you

Rafix by Rafix 27 Feb 2020

Thank you:)

sewmadau by sewmadau 27 Feb 2020

Thank you, have been hanging out for this alphabet.

1penny by 1penny 27 Feb 2020

Thank you

marianb by marianb 27 Feb 2020

thank you

embrockabees by embrockabees 26 Feb 2020

Thank you sew much

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Thank you.

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Thank you

Alabama by Alabama 26 Feb 2020

Thank you

Crazzymaus by Crazzymaus 26 Feb 2020

Wie kann ich das freebie runterladen

markus by markus 26 Feb 2020

Thank you

chalimouse by chalimouse 26 Feb 2020

Thanks. If you have trouble downloading the color chart, try doing a screenshot instead, and download it as a jpg. Then I save it to the file I am putting the letters in.

patou62 by patou62 26 Feb 2020




stoffie1 by stoffie1 26 Feb 2020

schattig!dank je wel

janelle by janelle 26 Feb 2020


Hobbystickerin by Hobbystickerin 26 Feb 2020

So cute! Thank you very much

fang by fang 25 Feb 2020

luv this next

seamstress1957 by seamstress1957 23 Feb 2020

Love it to be next!

Jdaniels1040 by Jdaniels1040 23 Feb 2020

Vote bunny easter alphabet

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jimandarla by jimandarla 21 Feb 2020

I thought this letter was going to be released today after 10am EST? What happened? Date 2-21-2020

lindasewscox by lindasewscox 20 Feb 2020

Been voting for this one for awhile. lets get this one going

RobertaReist by RobertaReist 16 Feb 2020

Voting for this beautiful design to be the next free Alphabet

Callducks52 by Callducks52 16 Feb 2020

Voting for this beautiful design.

sheilag60 by sheilag60 05 Feb 2020

Voting for this alphabet to be the next free alphabet.

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LLJones by LLJones 18 Jan 2020

Please Bunny alyhabet

Sherryglover1 by Sherryglover1 17 Jan 2020

Voting for the Bunny Alphabet

LLJones by LLJones 17 Jan 2020

Bunny Alphabet Please

Sherryglover1 by Sherryglover1 17 Jan 2020

Bunny Letters

LLJones by LLJones 16 Jan 2020

Bunny letters

Sherryglover1 by Sherryglover1 16 Jan 2020

Love this design. Voting for Bunny A

RiaBekker by RiaBekker 14 Jan 2020

Yes for Bunny

hanc7556 by hanc7556 14 Jan 2020

I vote for the bunny letters

Pircy by Pircy 15 Jun 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely embroidery design

rheinhildesimons by rheinhildesimons 26 Apr 2018

Thank you!

mv65 by mv65 26 Apr 2018

Thank you

Pircy by Pircy 26 Apr 2018

thank you

thedabbler by thedabbler 25 Apr 2018

Please vote for "W" is the only one I am missing. Thank you sew much....

janelle by janelle 25 Apr 2018


karelian by karelian 25 Apr 2018

I still need the W, X, Y and Z with the Embossed Bunny font please.

dragonladyjury by dragonladyjury 25 Apr 2018

I really would appreciate a vote for "U"!! Thank you very much!

nunzia1 by nunzia1 25 Apr 2018

Thank you

kesaintjean by kesaintjean 25 Apr 2018

Thank you!

Jacquelinebarnard by Jacquelinebarnard 25 Apr 2018

Thank you very nice

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thank you. cute

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Alfabet compleet, thanks

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merci beaucoup

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Cute! Thanks, Leila

kani by kani 25 Apr 2018

Thank you

bettyline by bettyline 25 Apr 2018

Thank you

smgilmore by smgilmore 25 Apr 2018

Pls vote for S (on page 9), and B. Thanks. I'm voting for other requests, too.

maca6o by maca6o 25 Apr 2018

I still need T plaes vot for T dank jou

L1nd8 by L1nd8 25 Apr 2018

I still need c,f and q. Very cute but do you have the capital letters as well?

bettyboop13 by bettyboop13 25 Apr 2018

Thank You so much for the A now all I need is the V on page 5

13cashews by 13cashews 25 Apr 2018

Thank you for repeating it :-)

DMP3925 by DMP3925 10 Mar 2018

Cute alphabet, thank you so much.

MariaVallejo by MariaVallejo 10 Mar 2018


Elainemundy100 by Elainemundy100 10 Mar 2018

Beautiful designs thank you

chips by chips 10 Mar 2018

Adorable, thank you

pamzbizz by pamzbizz 10 Mar 2018

Absolutely adorable...thank you!

bazirejosiane by bazirejosiane 10 Mar 2018

merci beaucoup très printanier au milieu de l'hiver

Creamarg by Creamarg 10 Mar 2018

Heel erg bedankt voor het mooie patroon

DKlava by DKlava 10 Mar 2018

Thank you. Lovely creation!

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dank u

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Thank you. very cute!

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Thank you

PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 10 Mar 2018

Thank you - an attractive and versatile font.

tasja by tasja 10 Mar 2018

Thank you

lauff by lauff 10 Mar 2018



super merci

momac by momac 10 Mar 2018

Going to enjoy collecting this cute alphabet, lovely design to the digitizer. Thank you

mv65 by mv65 10 Mar 2018

Thank you

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Lovely font. Thank you

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Very pretty, thank you

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Thank you so much!

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soo cute!

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roslyn by roslyn 09 Mar 2018

Lovely Font Many thanks

EBD108 by EBD108 09 Mar 2018

Thank you!

MargaretMcDonald by MargaretMcDonald 09 Mar 2018

Beautiful, thank you. A little big for my 5-5 x 7-5 hoop but I will try and make it a little smaller for my g. g. son whose name begins with A.

elisabethlesage by elisabethlesage 09 Mar 2018



chalkdust100 by chalkdust100 09 Mar 2018

Thank you.

lesleyc by lesleyc 09 Mar 2018

very pretty, thank you

miami by miami 09 Mar 2018

Thank You beautiful

craftysewer by craftysewer 09 Mar 2018

Adorable can;t wait to get the rest of them. Leila Thank You!

dbwether74 by dbwether74 09 Mar 2018

pretty font

sewmadau by sewmadau 09 Mar 2018

Love embossed designs Thank you

denifavrin by denifavrin 09 Mar 2018

That would have to be the most delightful design for Easter I've seen yet! Thank you. Deni

Alabama by Alabama 09 Mar 2018

Thank you

willaura by willaura 09 Mar 2018


DebsontheWeb by DebsontheWeb 09 Mar 2018

Cute!! Thank you

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Thank You so much

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Thank You

sanpay by sanpay 09 Mar 2018

Thank You

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very cute thanks


muchas gracias!!!hermoso

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So cute. Thanks

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thank you

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Thank you very much!

SuzDW by SuzDW 09 Mar 2018

Our grand-daughter's initial...perfect!

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betgor by betgor 09 Mar 2018

You are the best. Thank you. It's exquisite.

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1penny by 1penny 09 Mar 2018

Thank you very much

RustyJ by RustyJ 09 Mar 2018

Thank you very much!!

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thank you so so cute i want the whole set

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Very cute, love your designs. Thank you 😊

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Thank you very much

Thank you very much!!!

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very nice thank you

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gorgeous thank you

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Thank you. So cute

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Moc děkuji

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Thank you so much

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thank you

nanou30 by nanou30 09 Mar 2018

très joli cet alphabet

domie by domie 09 Mar 2018

merci pour ce nouveau motif j'aime beaucoup ces alphabets

AgnesMcN by AgnesMcN 09 Mar 2018

its cute

sandydraws by sandydraws 09 Mar 2018

Thanks! A lovely design.

sewtrish by sewtrish 09 Mar 2018

Beautiful thank you

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Thank You!

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Thank you

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I absolutely adore your designs. Wish I could afford absolutely ALL of them. Bless you. Robbie

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lovely font !!!

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Thank you very much!

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`thank you

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Thank You! They are beautiful.

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Merci beaucoup !!!

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thank you this are very sweet

posey by posey 09 Mar 2018

thank you for lovely deaigns

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Wow now two designs not finished lol

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Superschön, danke. Da hat sich das Warten ja gelohnt.

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thank you

anma by anma 09 Mar 2018

bellissima questa lettera grazie

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Lovely, thank you very much :-)

OlgaO by OlgaO 09 Mar 2018


jarca by jarca 09 Mar 2018


nadin415 by nadin415 09 Mar 2018


susanjowett by susanjowett 09 Mar 2018

I have been voting every day since Christmas for the letter O in the Swan Font. Yesterday it was on page 2 with 17 votes, today it was on page 86 with no votes!!!!!!!! Why do the votes keep being deleted and not allowed to accumulate? I am so frustrated with this site because of this so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese will everybody just vote for the Swan Font O and my life can return to normal. I love this new font. Thank you all in anticipation.

Marlenefivaz by Marlenefivaz 09 Mar 2018

Lovely! Thank you.

antonella11trevisanato by antonella11trevisanato 09 Mar 2018


ubrause by ubrause 09 Mar 2018

Ein schöner Buchstabe A. Vielen lieben Dank dafür

ullis by ullis 09 Mar 2018

Thanks 😀😀

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molto bello grazie

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Awesome Font!!Thanking you in Kindness!!!

zzshtik by zzshtik 09 Mar 2018

Thank you

Not1knowsme by Not1knowsme 09 Mar 2018

This is for meccajaz: If you are using a Windows PC go here

to learn how to take a pic of the colors, its the best I can figure out to get the colors, I know your machine will load the colors but they will probably be wrong so you'll have to use the screenshot as a reference. I hope this helps. I am only a member here as you are. Ila in Maine

wellsa by wellsa 09 Mar 2018

Thank you very much !

sewydog1 by sewydog1 09 Mar 2018

thank you

Nafeesa by Nafeesa 09 Mar 2018

This is beautiful

djbowers by djbowers 09 Mar 2018

Thank you!

teddygram by teddygram 09 Mar 2018


meccajazz by meccajazz 09 Mar 2018

Could someone please tell me how to save the color charts for these fonts? I have tried every which way. Thanks.

peafarm by peafarm 09 Mar 2018

Super cute--hope we will finish Firebird Font

BEAUDE by BEAUDE 09 Mar 2018

merci beaucoup

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Very pretty. Thank you.

Martine33 by Martine33 09 Mar 2018

merci pour cette nouvelle lettre

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So cute!! Thank-you. Does this font have a name?

yawny by yawny 09 Mar 2018

beautiful. Thank you so much

tricotine31 by tricotine31 09 Mar 2018

Mais que c'est joli !!! Merci beaucoup et bon week-end.

decojo by decojo 09 Mar 2018

Super cute ~ thank you!

Pug by Pug 09 Mar 2018

I just love this, Thank you so much.

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This is a beautiful font - thank you so much

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Thank you so beautiful

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dank je wel

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verry nice

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thank you, have a great weekend

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Baie dankie

pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2018

Gorgeous! Thanks, love Chris

mihok by mihok 05 Mar 2018

Very Cute, Thank you.
Can't see his face very well, I hope he doesn't look sad

gramsbear by gramsbear 02 Mar 2018

Sooo CUTE!!! Hoping for more of these letters and all of this font!!! Thanx sew much!!!

graceandham by graceandham 02 Mar 2018

Oh so cute.

rescuer by rescuer 01 Mar 2018

Very Cute! Thank you!

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Thank you. I like this hope there are more to come

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