by babash 20 Feb 2018

Need a pocket type bag to put my little scissors, unpicker and tweezers in. I intend making it a hanging one on the wall in front of where I sew.

Finally had the chance to use the Snap Hoop Monster frame it is magnetic. Thanks to the hints I got a while back it was straight forward to use on my Janome 500E.
Only thing I found a bit annoying was the support table moved every now and then but just slid it back no drama.
I used 3 designs in this piece.
First I sandwiched stabilizer, thin batting and top fabric and did a quilting stitch. I used same thread as fabric but in picture I have made it Red so you can see.
Second the Dog tripping over and spilling haberdashery items.
Third the Cow picking them up.
62 colour changes so it took a while but I did this over 2 days as the thing I love about this machine is I can turn it off and come back next day and it will ask if I want to start where I left off.

I chose these designs as I spilt my pins everywhere the other day and called myself a silly old Cow. Maybe I will be more careful if I am looking at this.
I still have to make the rest of it but that will be another day.
Thanks for looking


by lilylady 22 Feb 2018

Love your designs, sew cute!

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babash by babash 22 Feb 2018

Thank you.

by Sewmum1 21 Feb 2018

Glad to see your hoop working well. I love these designs. I have lost count of the number of times I drop things in my sewing room. I can't believe how many colour changes. You have more patience than I do! Can't wait to see your finished project.

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babash by babash 21 Feb 2018

Thank you. I had this going while I was making Caravan curtains and putting small rings on the tape. As I said I made it a 2 day job as it was a test run for the hoop and being for myself I was in no hurry and wanted to handle the hoop correctly.

by sonjapotgieter 21 Feb 2018

Great work done..Fantastic job!!!

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babash by babash 21 Feb 2018

Thank you

by liliana1 21 Feb 2018

Love the designs they look great

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babash by babash 21 Feb 2018

Thank you

by peafarm 21 Feb 2018

I love this design. So many stitches though. I am getting weary of heavily stitched designs but oh so pretty and nicely done. I also bought 2 of these Monster Magnetic Hoops and my machine has a sliding mechanism. I am disappointed that you pay a fortune for these hoops and they come with a little 'paper' ruler with sticky that you can attach to top frame--how cheap is that??-then, and always for me, have to change bobbin and take whole hoop off--well it might be Monster Hoop with 4 x's the magnetism but your hooped object still slides around if your not VERY careful. I am thinking about buying those earth magnet set from Viking although I have Babylock.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 21 Feb 2018

Yes, dense designs can be trying, but don't give up on them! Just keek trying different techniques until you find something that works for you!

What do you mean by "hoope object still slides around?" when it's attached to the machine? When you remove the hoop to change bobbin thread?

babash by babash 21 Feb 2018

Thank you. 58,250 Stitches in all but that is 3 designs not stiff at all. I was careful removing the hoop from machine only holding the outer edges of the frame so had no fabric movement. The only thing that moved was the support table on the machine.

peafarm by peafarm 23 Feb 2018

In answer to pennyhal2--the hoop top slides on bottom and fabric may scoot when you have to remove this hoop from the slide on mechanism on the machine [when I have to change my bobbin on a large design that uses more than one bobbin,] I hoop cutaway or washaway, depending on design and fabric and use basting stitch around the design--the magnetic top scoots on bottom frame if you don't push/pull off very carefully whilse changing bobbin. I even bought 4X's Monster Magnet Hoops in 5 x 7 and 8 x 8.

by stork 21 Feb 2018

Turned out great! Love the designs that you used especially the cow.

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babash by babash 21 Feb 2018

Thank you. Yes it has a cute face it is part of a set.

by mops Moderator 21 Feb 2018

Lovely designs!

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babash by babash 21 Feb 2018

Thank you

by sandralane 21 Feb 2018

Yes that feature on the Janome 500e is great, I use mine quite often. When the phone rings, or I need to take a break from stitching, it is a very handy feature of this marvellous machine. I am interested in finding out about the Monster magnetic frame, I am unaware that we could fit something like this to our machines, is it larger than the hoop RE28b?

sandralane by sandralane 21 Feb 2018

Forgot to say that your designs are lovely, you have done a terrific job with this, well done

babash by babash 21 Feb 2018

It was featured in an Email from Dime. Not cheap money wise but I think it will be worth it especially for thick towels.
The size stated is 12x8 on the box but I am sure the sewing field would ne 11x7 same as RE28b.

sandralane by sandralane 21 Feb 2018

Thank you for answering me, I will continue with my largest hoop and use the magnets supplied with this RE28 hoop, seeing there is no difference with the embroidery field size. The magnets work well, I am trying to buy some extra ones from my dealer.

by graceandham 20 Feb 2018

You will enjoy looking at these often. Nice colors.

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babash by babash 21 Feb 2018

Thank you. Made it as cheerful as I could.

by dragonflyer 20 Feb 2018

Very cute...

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babash by babash 21 Feb 2018

Thank you

by pennifold 20 Feb 2018

Such cute designs too, love them. I am impressed with your quilting!
My Brother machine does that too when I've got a design I haven't finished off - it asks me do I want to resume. Love Chris

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babash by babash 21 Feb 2018

Thank you. The quilting is a free download I couldn't do it that neat myself.