by bemara 18 Feb 2018

Regenbogen Katze von Urban, gerade im Angebot, Habe ich auf eine Fleece-Jacke gestickt, ist leider nicht so schön geworden


by sonjapotgieter 19 Feb 2018

Beautiful design though!!!Well done

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bemara by bemara 04 Mar 2018

Thank you, Hugs Maria =^..^=

by 8298805 19 Feb 2018

Sieht doch gut aus. Muss ja nicht immer perfekt sein.

by pennyhal2 19 Feb 2018

The layering of thread is what gives this design the lovely shading that you achieved. When I enlarge a design I increase it by10% or larger, but you have to keep an eye on it in your softare as open spaces and huge thread jumps can be a result.

You might try "masking" it in your software as that would remove stitching that is under the top thread. Again, this can result in the removal of thread that ruins the look of the design.

What I always do with a design that is dense is I add 1 to 3 layers of wss on top of the fabric. It adds a tiny extra space for the thread to the thread on top and allows the thread relax after you wash it. What you have to watch out for when doing this is that the stabliziers themselves can form a very dense layer and the needle may not be able to penetrate it. Don't use any spay glue on the wss to help eliminate this from happening.

As a last resort, If the design's density distorts (not puckering) the fabric and the fabric doesn't hang nicely, I spray starch the fabric around the design well being careful not to starch the design itself. This helps give the fabric a little stiffness to support the design.

bemara by bemara 19 Feb 2018

for the attempt to help,
I believe, mine in English is too bad, to describe the problem.
If to increase an embroidery picture enlargedly without sting number one it cannot become hard. The Original is 174x246 in 86786 Stitches and my is 198x280 and the Stichtes ar 86786. I take one layer wss 80 on it.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 19 Feb 2018

Your English is great! I have the same problem you had with some designs! They can just be too stiff!

by kustomkuddle 19 Feb 2018

Wonderful job on the cat. It is beautiful. I hope washing improves the hardness for you.

by pennifold 19 Feb 2018

Such a pity about the stiffness of the design on the jacket. At 86,000 stitches that is one large design. The cat looks great anyway, hopefully it will soften after a few washes. Love Chris

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bemara by bemara 19 Feb 2018

I also hope that it after him wash becomes softer. I have the problem over and over again with the designs from Urban, therefore, I make them already bigger, this also does not help. I do not know what I make wrong, as said only with the full sting designs from Urban . . and they are great, hugs Maria

by Bounty 18 Feb 2018

Ein wunderschönes Katzenbild. Schade, daß es so hart geworden ist. Optisch ist es großartig. Ich hoffe, man kann die Jacke noch tragen.

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bemara by bemara 19 Feb 2018

Lieben Dank, ich werde sie mehrfach waschen, davon wir sie nicht schöner LOL, zum Glück habe ich das Muster nicht auf den Neuen Blazer gestickt, was ich erst machen wollte . . bei meiner Maschine waren das vier Stunden sticken . . .

by babash 18 Feb 2018

Nice design. You said you are not real happy with it. Did you put WWS stabilizer on the top when you stitched it out? As you put it on fleece it may have needed it to sit nice.

I still think it is good.

bemara by bemara 18 Feb 2018

The embroidered has become board-hard, in some share it is embroidered five times, because I have increased the file without embroidery number to raise this might not happen at all . . it is 280x198 mm 86.700 Stitches, and i put water-dissolvable foil/ stabilizer on it . . . excuse my bad one in English, Maria

babash by babash 18 Feb 2018

Your English is pretty good I can understand what you mean. I can only speak one language so I think you are so clever.
What a shame it is hard to the feel. May not be your fault I have bought designs with the same problem at times. Hopefully it may soften with washing.

by pennyhal2 18 Feb 2018

This is a magnificent cat! Your thread choices are vibrant and a great stitchout!

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bemara by bemara 19 Feb 2018

thank you, hugs =^..^=