by sewmom ( edited 23 Jan 2018 ) 23 Jan 2018

I made this for my dad and my stepmother wedding tapestry. It was done sometime after 1994 since that's when I got my first embroidery machine. They have kept it hanging in their bedroom. I don't remember if I consulted them on the design but in hindsight I think I would have made something less "cute". It's possible I chose something I really liked and wanted to stitch. I believe that with experience I now choose better by considering the recipient more. Either way, they appreciated it and the stitch out and mounting has held up, something you don't always know about when you give a gift. Now, it's a treasure since my dad just passed.


by kustomkuddle 24 Jan 2018

What a nice remembrance. You did an excellent job. I am sorry about your father passing. Sending prayers.

by kustomkuddle 24 Jan 2018

What a nice remembrance. You did an excellent job. I am sorry about your father passing. Sending prayers.

by dadybrode 24 Jan 2018

C'est magnifique, Bravo superbe travail.

by sewdoctor 24 Jan 2018

Very nice, even better because it was actually for a step-mother and father.....many adult children are not as loving toward the new spouse.

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sewmom by sewmom edited 25 Jan 2018

It was my Dad's 3rd wife, I've had practice : )
But really, all 3 are very nice women.

by sonjapotgieter 24 Jan 2018

Beautiful work done..So Beautiful!!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Jan 2018

So sweet. You did really well just adding all the components. They must have liked it as well to have it hanging on the wall all this time.

by basketkase 23 Jan 2018

So looks brand new!

by dragonflyer 23 Jan 2018 nice that you now have it as a lovely remembrance...My condolences to you and your family at the passing of your Dad...

by pennyhal2 23 Jan 2018

It really is a nice design! I'm sure they loved it. I'm sorry that you lost your father, but I'm sure he enjoyed this project too.

by gramsbear 23 Jan 2018

Wonderful!!! And they appreciated it because it was put where it could be seen often!!! Huggs, Judy...

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Jan 2018

What a great gift you created. Machine embroidery designs have changed much over the years so what you choose then was from a much smaller choice to now. I know from myself that when making a gift like this I don't ask the recipients I just get on with it but do think about them in my choice. Was this a bought design or one you created?

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sewmom by sewmom edited 23 Jan 2018

Ok challenge question accepted! To the best of my knowledge the angel bears are from a Bernina card I purchased, the lettering from my Brother machine or maybe PE Design had lettering, the floral border looks like it might be from one of my Bernina or Brother cards too.

But, you're right, we have more choices now! I've made the split ampersand for one of my kid's weddings and for another one I did a split scroll frame and carefully found a scroll to match their invitations.

by michemb 23 Jan 2018


by pennifold 23 Jan 2018

And what a wonderful gift for them to look at for all those years. Made with love!! Love CHRIS

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jillian by jillian 24 Jan 2018

Many thanks for sharing