by kay4sparkle 16 Jan 2018

I did a shirt rehab for my mom. She had a spot and was going to get rid of it, but she loves butterflies and I had an idea. 😉

I used the stock butterfly design from my Brother machine (same one from her cup-coozie set) because it stitches quickly and easily overlaps with the stitch count. Once I hooped the shirt, I then pinned the pocket down while embroidering so that it looks like the butterflies are coming out of the pocket. She liked it enough to keep it and you can't see the spot at all.


by worthy 17 Jan 2018

Really looks great.. Congratulation on the 'Save' . Know your Mom gave you a very big hug.

by noah 17 Jan 2018

Great job hugs

by pennifold 17 Jan 2018

Great job, it's not easy hooping so close to pockets either! Love Chris

by pennyhal2 17 Jan 2018

Great placement of those butterflies! She is going to love wearing it, especially because you made it for her. How did you get the shirt hooped to do the stitching on the curve of the shoulder and pocket?

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kay4sparkle by kay4sparkle 18 Jan 2018

Oooh! Good question! I used a big multi-position hoop, but even if you used a small hoop, you just have lay the embroidered area out flat and pin back the armpit, pocket and other areas that are in the way. I used a lot of clips and pins. just be sure that the flat area isn't pulled/stretched otherwise your shirt puckers around the design once completed. I will take pictures next time I have a tricky hooping. Sorry I didn't think of that while I was working on the shirt.

by MuseandSew 17 Jan 2018

Great idea! Beautiful job!

by sonjapotgieter 17 Jan 2018

Beautiful!!!Awesome Butterflies!!

by kustomkuddle 17 Jan 2018

What a great save. You turned it into a very nice shirt.

by toogie 17 Jan 2018

What a nice save! I stitched this butterfly today too, on some ITH bags. It always stitches so nicely. I bet mom feels like she has a new shirt. Great idea and job hooping.

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kay4sparkle by kay4sparkle 18 Jan 2018

It is a really nice, big butterfly that stitches out easily, quickly and also looks great with variegated thread. Love your bags too!

by graceandham 16 Jan 2018

Great save and far prettier than she could buy.

by liliana1 16 Jan 2018

Turned out really well. Looks great

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Jan 2018

Looking good and another shirt saved from the discard pile.

by sewdoctor 16 Jan 2018

I do that a lot......I have one shirt that I just keep adding butterflies to to cover coffee drips!

crafter2243 by crafter2243 16 Jan 2018

You make me laugh. One of my daughters little dog waits till I am done eating and then comes, jumps on my chest and cleans up everything I may have dropped.

sewdoctor by sewdoctor 17 Jan 2018


pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 17 Jan 2018

My dog does that too...I get vacuumed and sometimes my dog even washes the shirt too. He tells me where the next butterfly needs to go.

kay4sparkle by kay4sparkle 18 Jan 2018

Love it!