by glob69 10 Jan 2018

I have been making reading pillows and matching bookmarks. I also made the bears for a lady that lost her 14 year old son. They are made from his clothes. Thanks for looking. Hugs and blessings, Gail Most of the designs for pillows are from Memories in thread.


by lilylady 11 Jan 2018

Your projects turned out very nice. I love the book pillows, they are something that will last through the years. The bears in memory of young boy are awesome.

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glob69 by glob69 11 Jan 2018

thank you

by sonjapotgieter 11 Jan 2018

Awesome work and Projects you have done!!!Gorgeous

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glob69 by glob69 11 Jan 2018

thank you.

by graceandham 10 Jan 2018

Everybody gets their favorites. Love the bears idea and the little mermaid pillow - I may have to get into your Secret Santa good graces!

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

Thank you. How is your knee doing? Hugs, Gail

by aussiequilter 10 Jan 2018

your work is wonderful ,the bears are going to be very special for his parents

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

Thank you!

by sebsews 10 Jan 2018

You have touched many hearts with the memory bears, they are beautiful. The book pillows are adorable!

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

Thanks so much.

by michemb 10 Jan 2018

terrific, all of these items are great

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

Thank you. You really do some beautiful projects. And your new little girl is gorgeous. Hugs

by pennifold 10 Jan 2018

Oh! Gail, how wonderful that you made those bears in memory of that little boy. My heart goes out to that mother and everything is just gorgeous. Well done, love Chris

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

Thank you Chris. Hugs and Blessings

by liliana1 10 Jan 2018

Love the bears and reading pillows thanks for sharing

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

Thank you

by ansienaude 10 Jan 2018

do luv your memory bears....beautifull

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

Thank you

by kustomkuddle 10 Jan 2018

You have been very busy! Each pillow is a work of art as well as a way to encourage reading. They are wonderful. Love the idea of the bears. I have a friend that makes memory quilts or pillows out of their clothes. I like this idea for when something as large as a blanket is not needed. Thank you for sharing.

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

Thank you. My daughter made a quilt for me from her brother's clothes after he died. It means the world to me. (so does she)

by pennyhal2 10 Jan 2018

Making those teddies was such a wonderful way to give your friends some comfort on the loss of their son. The teddies are just wonderful!

I have to get around to making a reading pillow. Yours really inspire me to get started.

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

Thank you. They are fun to make!

by clintonmiss22 10 Jan 2018

You have really been busy. All of your fabrics are so well coordinated. Good work!! Bears are adorable.

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018


by toogie 10 Jan 2018

First, my heart goes out to this lady and any more that have lost a child. This is such a great thing to make with his clothing, for young or old to hold dear, just to 'smell' him. I hope this comforts her. I can read what they say though, can you tell me please?

Now for the pillows. I love your work and the fabrics you used. I have the pig from Kreative Kiwi, but haven't had an idea what to make with him. Thank you for this idea.
That another reason I love Miss Veronica's providing this site for us all to share, relate, encourage and inspire!
I also see other stuffies on the side. If you made them would you like to show us these?
Have a blessed day-Toogie

glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

Thank you Toogie. There isn't any writing on the bears but, I did give her a little poem that goes with them. It is: This bear is made from clothes I used to wear When you give them a hug, know that I am there. Those are mostly my sock monkeys on the side. I love them! I have the one that I made for my son when he was little and he would have been 48 this past June. It is really about worn out. Thank you for your kind words. Gail

toogie by toogie 10 Jan 2018

I sure thought I could make out 'love you' or something on the bears stomach. I have read and down loaded the poem you speak of.
I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Was he a child or grown, if you don't mind me asking? Any age would be heartbreaking. I would love to see his 'worn out' only if you'd like to share. Sometimes it is healing to talk, but I sure can understand if you still can't share. When our hearts are still too full, its hard to let anything more in or out. I am no therapist, by a long shot, but I do wish you the best. I know your daughter means the world to you, just like he did. I'm sure the quilt is beautiful.-Toogie

glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

He was 30 years old. I will put a picture of the sock monkey up one day soon in sewing. I had a senior moment about the bears... The mom ask me to put I love you on each one of them. It has been seventeen years for my son but, it seems like the Lord is still leading me to people like this lady so that I can witness.

toogie by toogie 11 Jan 2018

Yes, so often He seems to do that. I would love to see the sock monkey and the quilt, thank you. Have a nice day-Toogie

by stw60526 10 Jan 2018

They are wonderful. What good work you have done.

I like the bears best though how thoughtful and kind.

Bless you

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glob69 by glob69 10 Jan 2018

thanks so much. She loved them. I, too, lost a son in 2000 so I know some of what she is going through.

by dragonflyer 10 Jan 2018

You have certainly been a busy bee! Love everything...but especially love the bears...I hope they bring comfort to the recipients...

glob69 by glob69 11 Jan 2018

Thank you.

melrose by melrose 11 Jan 2018

What a lovely thought behind the teddy bears good job could you also tell me what site did you get the Elvis picture and words from just love it thank you

glob69 by glob69 edited 14 Jan 2018

Sorry, I did not see your comment but, the elvis designs are some I had and are just in a file that I labeled Movie stars. The words I made up myself.. Hugs, Gail I just googled elvis and etsy has the designs I used.