by raels011 08 Jan 2018

made this fairy bag now what to do with it fairies come out to play


by aussiequilter 10 Jan 2018

your bag is adorable

by lilylady 10 Jan 2018

Your fairy bag turned out very nice, going to have to get mine done!!

by michemb 09 Jan 2018

very cute, nice gift item for the younger child.

by sonjapotgieter 09 Jan 2018

Fantastic work done!!!love them...So Beautiful!!!

by liliana1 09 Jan 2018

Looks Fabulous whoever gets it will be very lucky

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Jan 2018

Raelene these are beautiful and there is going to be a very lucky child who gets to own it

by pennyhal2 09 Jan 2018

This is a marvelous project! I've never seen anything like it before. Your work is meticulous and so creative! Any little girl will know what to do with them! Or keep them for yourself and just put them on a shelf and enjoy them.

by dailylaundry 09 Jan 2018

You did a fantastic job of stitching, looks like a lot of hard work! Someone's face is going to light up when they see this!!!

by graceandham 09 Jan 2018

A dream gift for any little girl of a certain age. Couldn't be any cuter.

by noah 09 Jan 2018

cute for sure hugs

by kustomkuddle 09 Jan 2018

It turned out very cute!

by pennifold 09 Jan 2018

It's gorgeous Raelene, granddaughter will love this. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 08 Jan 2018

Very cute. You have stitched them out very well.

by toogie 08 Jan 2018

I know a little girl here would know what to do with them! These are darling! What size hoop did you use, please? You have done a magnificent job embroidering and assembling all of it. Bravo!

raels011 by raels011 08 Jan 2018

It was done in the 8 x11 hoop

toogie by toogie 08 Jan 2018

sad face
I just have a 5x7.

raels011 by raels011 08 Jan 2018

comes in 3 sizes 5x7 6 x10 & 8 x 12

toogie by toogie edited 09 Jan 2018

The doll would be hard to turn, so small at 5x7, I would imagine. May I suggest you make a tag with your post, of Fairy Bag? I am sure I will want to re-look and so will others and tags make it easier to locate.Thanks