by patchwork4424 18 Dec 2017

TAH DAH!!! My Christmas Tree wallhanging. It's taken 18mths but I'm glad to see it hanging. I decided I'd had enough of pulling out the bits and pieces to put together a fake tree (and packing it away) so I thought this was an easier option. Merry Christmas to everyone. xo


by RodnickBiljon 02 Jan 2018

Wow absolutely it

by zoefzoef edited 31 Dec 2017

What an art work !! Well done !!

by lbrow 30 Dec 2017

Quite a beautiful job you have done/Lillian

by cantab 30 Dec 2017

It.s stunning. Great job

by brendalea 26 Dec 2017

Very lovely Christmas Tree. Thank you for sharing. Happy Stitching :~)

by crazypatchmama 26 Dec 2017

Really love how your Christmas tree came out. I love crazypatchwork and how you incorporated into your quilt is just amazing, Have a Merry Christmas! Mary

by Shisha 25 Dec 2017

Soooo pretty!

by Grammy4Rugrats 20 Dec 2017

How was this created??

by Grammy4Rugrats 20 Dec 2017

WOW-that is beautiful!

by sjbrower 20 Dec 2017

What a wonderful Christmas Tree! Simply beautiful!

by noah 19 Dec 2017

Awesome job hugs

by katydid 19 Dec 2017

No wonder it took 18 months. It is a work of art!! Beautiful job!!

by lmmattern 19 Dec 2017

Excellent Job. Congrats

by shirley124 19 Dec 2017

This is so beautiful. A real work of art. Well bone. Hugs

by aussiequilter 19 Dec 2017

Just beautiful

by kustomkuddle 19 Dec 2017

It is gorgeous. And what a lot of work! Wishing you a wonderful holiday.

by basketkase 19 Dec 2017

Oh, this is stunning.......absolutely love it!

by Leaha 19 Dec 2017

Very impressive, lovely work Merry Christmas

by sonjapotgieter 19 Dec 2017

What a Stunning Project well done!!!Great work done..Clever idea!!!

by sllakin 19 Dec 2017

Just Beautiful and so decorative and space saving too! Merry Christmas!

by graceandham 19 Dec 2017

A beautiful piece of work that I hope you and your family will enjoy for many years. That's a lot of time in this one.

by dancnds 19 Dec 2017

May I ask where you got the pattern? That is beautiful and the perfect solution for my household. I don't have a tree partly because I hate setting it up but also because my cat broke the last one by climbing it. I'd like to try to make one like this. Thank you.

Leaha by Leaha 19 Dec 2017

Welcome to Cute!

patchwork4424 by patchwork4424 edited 20 Dec 2017

Hey! After scouring the books I've found it in Patchwork & Quilting Vol.25 No.5 page 34. I only took inspiration changing the pattern to suit. I think the pattern is over two books. I embroidered some star blocks instead of patching them. Have fun!!!

by dragonflyer 19 Dec 2017

Brilliant! It is gorgeous...was this done ITH or ??? What is the finished size....and can we see the back, too? I'm a nut for pictures of the back...

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patchwork4424 by patchwork4424 20 Dec 2017

My wall hanging measures 134cm x 98cm with binding on. As for the back as it is hanging at present I will endeavour to put up a photo after Christmas. However, it is simple quilters seeded calico with swirly 8cm circles looking like baubles. Merry Christmas

by lilylady 19 Dec 2017

Easier, I think not! This is Beautiful, I would leave it up all year long

by sandralane 19 Dec 2017

An absolutely stunning result, well done. Sandra.

by carolpountney 19 Dec 2017

Oh gosh what a wonderful piece of work. One can do so much with the log cabin blocks, congratulations it is beautiful.

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carolpountney by carolpountney 19 Dec 2017

Sorry should have mentioned the other blocks as well, a great mix

by mariagiannina 19 Dec 2017

What a great idea, and well done! I also don't like to pack the Christmas tree and bits and pieces away.

by liliana1 19 Dec 2017

WOW! WOW!! This is fabulous very well done

by enchantedstitches 19 Dec 2017


by bielie 19 Dec 2017

Wow, it is beautiful. Well done and have a Blessed Christmas

by airyfairy 18 Dec 2017

Absolutely amazing.

by jrob Moderator 18 Dec 2017

It's gorgeous.

by Sewmum1 18 Dec 2017

Wow its beautiful. You have done a great job. Well worth the time and effort