by shozo1271 06 Dec 2017

The newest Melancholy Christmas 5-6. I added the wording. Going to give this to my neighbor who "loves" snow as much as I do... NOT!! Isn't she pretty! I took a close up because there is a row of snowflakes that do not show up in my picture. Design from Vicki at


by sewdeb 06 Dec 2017

Such a sweet design. I can send her the foot or so of snow we're due to get tonight, if you'd like. hee hee Great job by both of you!

by basketkase 06 Dec 2017

I love the look on this ones face....her lips are so pretty....great stitching!

by sonjapotgieter 06 Dec 2017

What a Beaut!!!Awesome design..Love it!!Stunning...

by kathymourie 06 Dec 2017

Sew Cute!!!

by michemb 06 Dec 2017

she is very cute indeed, she will be a hit

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 06 Dec 2017

Thanks Michelle! Nothing like your beautiful projects tho :)