by gerryb 27 Nov 2017

Gown for a Princess. Our little preemie is now 5 wks old.

She's grown 2 inches! Is up to 5# 10oz. I added her name to the file from Oma's Place. The gown fits everywhere except the sleeves! Her mom said she almost couldn't find her hands! When she waves her arms around, she looks like she's a flamingo (not spelled right!) dancer! I made a boo boo, caught the gown back in part of the design! So had to pick it out. But was able to redo the front fine...but holes in the back. So what do you do but add 2 appliqued flowers to cover the holes! But she didn't like rolling over to show her flowers!


by missqueenbee47 30 Nov 2017

beautiful baby - congratulations on having a new grandchild. Love you project too.

by grossfamilie 29 Nov 2017

What a lovely little baby girl! I imagine the whole family is in deep love with this tiny princess - a real reason to be grateful for. Congratulations to you and your family and love as well. She will grow quickly 'cause she knows grandma will sew and embroider the most beautiful dresses for her. Hugs - Maria

by Leaha 29 Nov 2017

Oh what a nice blessing for your family. Congrats to all and enjoy. She is so little I think just holding her would break her into pieces. Your embroidery, the outfit and save are simply great. Oh and so is the little bitty one.

by pennifold 28 Nov 2017

Just gorgeous and the outfit is beautiful. Well done Gerry. Love Chris

by lbrow 28 Nov 2017

How precious "Little Eveiyn" is!

by sonjapotgieter 28 Nov 2017

So cute and Pretty Girl!!!Too sweet..Well done!!!Gorgeous

by toogie 28 Nov 2017

I love your creativity on this 'problem' that occurred. Great thinking and save.
jrob is right, they grow so fast. Hard to believe our 1 pound 11 ounce baby is almost 12 years old and big as she is!

by jrob Moderator 28 Nov 2017

That's an adorable little outfit and she looks like a babydoll in it! It won't be long until you are saying, "remember when my princess was so tiny".

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toogie by toogie 28 Nov 2017

sniff, sniff, tear, tear,.. I know, so true, they grow too fast!

by graceandham 28 Nov 2017

Cute clothes. So proud she has reached the 5 pound goal (and kept going). She looks wonderful. Rock her for me.

by basketkase 28 Nov 2017

What a beautiful baby.....great job on her outfit and I have to say I love her look of "leave me alone" when you rolled her over....

by michemb 28 Nov 2017

oh she is so sweet, nice job.

by Sewmum1 28 Nov 2017

A very pretty princess she is. Love your creative fix. No one would ever know

by worthy 27 Nov 2017

Now how sweet is that . Great job for a great princess

by rescuer Moderator 27 Nov 2017

Beautiful princess! You did a great job on your project too!