by grobin 11 Nov 2017

Hello Cuties,

These Bible verse towels will be given to the ladies in my church mission group for Christmas.
Most of the designs are from Designs By JuJu.
Thanks for looking.


by lbrow 16 Nov 2017

I love these! Such a wonderful way to spread God's word and love/Lillian

by katydid 15 Nov 2017

These are outstanding ! Love all of them.

by graceandham 14 Nov 2017

These are beautifully done on your stripey towels. Where did you get the pretty towels?

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grobin by grobin 14 Nov 2017

Thank you.
Those are just plain towels from Bed Bath and Beyond.
I added different color and different size ribbon.

by cindymae68 13 Nov 2017

These are so pretty. I would love to do some of these for my church ladies.

by handbells 13 Nov 2017

Nicely done. Really like the designs. Quite attractive.

by SoniaBobbitt03 12 Nov 2017

love this towels

by kustomkuddle 12 Nov 2017

Beautiful towels!

by toogie 11 Nov 2017

All your towels are so colorful and inspiring. I love how great they came out too. The ribbon sewn on really looks good.

by grobin 11 Nov 2017

I thank all of you for your positive comments.
I do hope the ladies will like them.

by shirley124 11 Nov 2017

These will be well received. I love them Hugs

by noah 11 Nov 2017

The ladies will love them Can i join your church too lol Blessings

by sonjapotgieter 11 Nov 2017

What Awesome Gift to give..Stunning work and designs!!!!Well done Beautiful!!!

by pennyhal2 11 Nov 2017

The ladies are going to treasure their towels. The towels are just perfectly stitched out and the thread colors really make the words pop. Well done!

by basketkase 11 Nov 2017

What a terrific array of towels....great job!

by MuseandSew 11 Nov 2017

Beautiful work! Thanks a great idea of how to use JuJu's designs.

by cooperal edited 11 Nov 2017

I love the designs from JuJu and you have made something each lady will appreciate. I'm sure they will be blessed and you are blessed by doing this for them. Avis

by lilylady 11 Nov 2017

My I ask what stabilizer you used on the back,

grobin by grobin 11 Nov 2017

Yes it was Sulky totally stable iron on tear away stablizer.
Do you have something different that you use and like?

lilylady by lilylady 12 Nov 2017

Do you like the way the back turns out? I use a fusible cutaway, but don't like the way the back looks when done. Thanks for answer. Sandy

grobin by grobin 14 Nov 2017

No, the back is still raggedy looking but I have used Pellon fusible interfacing to cover that, although I don't always add it.

by lilylady 11 Nov 2017

These turned out sew nice, ladies will love them

by michemb 11 Nov 2017

lovely great job

by jenne 11 Nov 2017

Looking good.

by dragonflyer 11 Nov 2017

My goodness, you have been busy...I am sure the ladies will love these!

by pennifold 11 Nov 2017

Great work your ladies will truly appreciate your time and effort. ❤️Chris

by zoefzoef 11 Nov 2017

Lovely designs !

by babash 11 Nov 2017

What a lovely selection you have done. Is that sparkle thread on one?
The Ladies will be very pleased to receive them

grobin by grobin 11 Nov 2017

Thank you for your comments.
No that is not thread. It is sparkle fabric paint.
Had to cover up smeared fabric pen that I tried to use to color some of the thread on the design. Couldn't think of any other method. Can you?

grobin by grobin 11 Nov 2017

Does that paint look messy on the towel. Would you give it to someone or keep it.

babash by babash 11 Nov 2017

Looks nice something a bit different. Good save give it as a gift it caught my eye as being so nice. That is why I asked how you did it.

grobin by grobin 12 Nov 2017

Alright I will. Thank you.