by spendlove 10 Nov 2017

I've made this fiddle bunny to take to a concert in aid of Alzheimers Research. I'm sure there will be someone there who knows someone who would like to have him.

He has a bell trapped in one ear and a bead in the other. There is crinkly cellophane and other goodies between the layers of his body as well as the bits you can see.


by Leaha 12 Nov 2017

Thank you for your generosity in a cause that is close to my heart. It's perfect. You are wonderfully kind.

by bregeon 12 Nov 2017

hihiiiii, trop mignon, Bravo

by sonjapotgieter 11 Nov 2017


by zoefzoef 11 Nov 2017

So nice ! You do have lots of talent

by margotte9a 10 Nov 2017

bonjour auriez vous le tuto et le modele en broderie il est superbe merci

by pennifold 10 Nov 2017

She is a real cute bunny. I love things like this and I know that Alzheimer patients will love playing with it. Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 10 Nov 2017

I have no doubt this bunny will find someone to love. Thanks for having such a big heart for these folks.

by basketkase 10 Nov 2017

What a great fiddle faddle all the different textures...

by dragonflyer 10 Nov 2017

I am sure it will find a good home and be very much helpful to it's new owner...

by asterixsew Moderator 10 Nov 2017

Delightful Sue but hope bunny finds a great home and is loved. Is this a design on Engineered?

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spendlove by spendlove 10 Nov 2017

It is indeed!

by MuseandSew 10 Nov 2017

Such a wonderful gift to give! I love all of your innovative idea's Sue. Thanks for sharing!