by serendipity79 03 Sep 2017

Super happy how these turned out :) gifted these cushions this morning to two adorable american kids for their joint birthday party... wasnt sure what to get them and decided to do these. Tried to tie in my country's history and wanted to do something linked with the Knights of Malta...was hoping to add the Maltese Cross and something about reading on the back where i included a sleeve, hopefully to be used for books but could be also used for tablets nowadays... however the applique work of both designs which i included on the front was alot of work and decided to skip adding the cross altogether when time was pressing...hope you like them. Hugs Maria x x

PS. I think i got the vinyl crazy!! i just think that it gives the design that extra oomph... problem is it is very difficult for me to get my hands on really good quality vinyl, the ones i have access to are from China and quality is no where near the ones from the US...


by angelos 06 Sep 2017

Wau ! Eine tolle Idee und super Arbeit

by bigsusie 05 Sep 2017

Well done a very unique gift.

by sonjapotgieter 04 Sep 2017

Stunning gifts made!!!Beautiful

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Sep 2017

A real nice Birthday present for these young boys. The pillows turned out very well and they will learn more about Malta. I bet they liked them.

by kustomkuddle 04 Sep 2017

They are great. Beautiful work. They are awesome gifts.

by dragonflyer 04 Sep 2017

These are fantastic, did such a good job on them...I am sure the boys and their families will really appreciate your efforts!

by toogie 04 Sep 2017

You have done an excellent job of it all. Your gift shows you put much thought into it. I hope it will be appreciated for all your thought, as I think it is exceptional. Great work!
You said this is vinyl. I wasn't sure, as I thought it looked like mylar because of the shine. I wonder where you find this vinyl here in the USA.....

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 05 Sep 2017

No i havent ventured into mylar as yet! what i used is chrome vinyl... Apparently Jo-Anne stocks some, however the only 6 sheets i managed to get on from the states ( i implored a colleague of to get them for me when she come to the US for work) was from here: as i mentioned the quality is nothing in comparison to the ones i managed to source from China through aliexpress...

by robertahilde 03 Sep 2017

Love this, so will the two lucky boys, not just beautiful but original and practical gift.
Excellent job and a very good idea.
Hugs, Roberta

by noah 03 Sep 2017

They will love them****hugs

by pennifold 03 Sep 2017

These are wonderful and will last a very long time. Love Chris

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 03 Sep 2017

thank you :) that is what i thought too... these kids have an abundance of toys and prices of toys here in my country are twice if not three times what their parents pay in the US... hopefully they will appreciate them and take them with them to their new home when their term in malta is up...