by serendipity79 27 Aug 2017

and presents for my niece birthday... managed to pull these off in less than 24 hours... exhausted doesn't even begin to explain my state... managed to finish them by the nick of time...take photos, wrap them up and whisked my daughter to the party (we were half an hour late - of course!!) Had some problems with the peeker design, i converted it to vp3 with the software that came with my machine and some of the steps got mixed up - did this ever happen to anyone of you??


by gigi70alvarran 31 Aug 2017

Beautiful gifts

by serendipity79 29 Aug 2017

Thank you all for your lovely comments and feedback :)

by pennifold 28 Aug 2017

What a wonderful assortment of gifts. Your niece must have been thrilled with them all. Love Chris

by mops Moderator 28 Aug 2017

What beautiful gifts.
I, too, have had that happen when converting designs when for some reason or other I put a check mark at automatic colour sort (not my prefered standard setting).

by Sewmum1 27 Aug 2017

Lovely gifts for your niece. Bet she will love them

by parkermom 27 Aug 2017

What happy gifts!

by brendalea 27 Aug 2017

Lovely gifts. Thank you for sharing Happy Stitching :~)

by toogie 27 Aug 2017

A very productive 24 hours. Very cute gifts and I'll bet she loved them, too.

by grobin 27 Aug 2017

Lovely gifts.

by robinbird 27 Aug 2017

These gifts you've done look lovely& sure to delight your niece too. These colors you chose look so cheery. Thanks for sharing them. :~D

by dragonflyer 27 Aug 2017

Nice job, Maria....great selection of gifts!

by kustomkuddle 27 Aug 2017

What wonderful gifts. Yes, I have had problems on occasion when converting designs. Doesn't happen often, but is frustrating when it happens.

by sonjapotgieter 27 Aug 2017

Well done...Fantastic work done!!!Stunning

by noah 27 Aug 2017

Wowwwww you have done an excellent job on everything hugs

by sandralane 27 Aug 2017

You have done a fantastic job with all of these, well done. Sandra.

by lilylady 27 Aug 2017

Nice presents for niece, should make her day!