by basketkase 10 Aug 2017

Had an order for 2 colon cancer ribbon earrings and filled up the rest of the hoop with a couple of breast cancer and one ovarian cancer ribbons......I also used this type of wss to stitch on and wow, what a difference it made, then I also put mylar under the stitches and I sure wish you could see how pretty they are with the glitter behind them....this design is already on my website as FSL Cancer ribbon.....


by dailylaundry 11 Oct 2017

These turned out great - thanks for the info on the stabilizer!!

by sewfrenzie 11 Oct 2017

Thanks for the tip!

by mechille 14 Aug 2017

Nice job. It's funny how different WSS can make a difference. Just learning these things myself, as I still consider myself a newbe, even thought I've had my machine for some time, I only do things for family and friends. Thanks for the insight on this WSS. I can kinda see the glitter behind the ribbons. Looks good. Love your work. :)

by serendipity79 11 Aug 2017

Beautifully done... thanks for the tip... will put it on my to get list when i visit the US...

by Sewmum1 11 Aug 2017

I love these Vicki. I've not used that stabiliser before but I think I will try and track some down now.

by katydid 11 Aug 2017

Nice job!

by robinbird 10 Aug 2017

These ribbon designs look gorgeous& what a delightful touch with the mylar added. Thanks for sharing them & the site info too. :~D

by sonjapotgieter 10 Aug 2017

They are Lovely

by pennifold 10 Aug 2017

These have also turned out so well. I've not seen that Sticky Solvy before, looks and sounds awesome! Love Chirs

by noah 10 Aug 2017

They look great hugs

by dragonflyer 10 Aug 2017

They look great, Vicki...I have used this type of sticky WSS before...and you are is awesome!

by stork 10 Aug 2017

I've used the sulky brand before but never have tried the sticky solvy. Glad it worked out!

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basketkase by basketkase 10 Aug 2017

It held the mylar in place so nicely while it stitched......I sometimes have a problem with the mylar buckling or folding over itself, but this was awesome.....