by basketkase 11 Jul 2017

These are dedicated to those old mom & pop shops which rarely exist anymore....I have grouped these in 2's except for the dressmaker and that one is by itself.....they are called Sign of the Times and will be up on my website tonight.........


by stork 13 Jul 2017

How sweet. Love the filigree work on each sign. Does remind one of mom and pop shops. Great work!

by perraut 11 Jul 2017

très joli ,
un jour , près du métro Notre Dame de Lorette, ( Paris 9ème ) où se trouve une très ancienne et célèbre pâtisserie " BOURDALOUE " Très connue pour ses tartes aux poires crées en 1850. Ils cassaient tout, !! quel tristesse un si joli salon de thé, j'ai pu sauver un miroir avec leur nom gravé en doré. trop contente d'avoir ce souvenir d'enfance.

Very nice designs !!

One day, near the metro Notre Dame de Lorette ( PARIS 9ème ), there is a very old " BOURDALOUE " Patry; known for its pear pies created in 1850. They broke everything !! So much tea room. I was able to save a Mirror with their name engraved in gold letters; to happy to save this chilhood merory. Today it is a bakery with the same name, but no charm.

by sonjapotgieter 11 Jul 2017

Shall always stay the best!!!Will look them up where ever I travel..Gorgeous designs..Stunning

by lbrow 11 Jul 2017

I have always loved finding small towns or villages with sighs like these. Beautiful job Vicki/Lillian

by bemara 11 Jul 2017

they looks great, like 1900, unfortunately, extinct . . my favorit is: dress maker :-), hugs Maria

by pennyhal2 11 Jul 2017

I miss those old stores! Mass marketing has taken their place. A great tribute to those rare stores that do stil exist!