by basketkase 10 Jul 2017

Needed a sweatshirt for a school bus driver......yes, that is vinyl I inserted for the window......I also gave them google eyes.......I think the driver will love this......this design is called School Bus 2 and will be up on my website tonight..

this is a champion sweatshirt, it comes with that logo on it...


by dragonflyer 10 Jul 2017

This is adorable...I wish I knew someone who drove a school bus so I could make this!!

by pennifold 10 Jul 2017

You've captured these characters really well. ❤️Chris

by serendipity79 10 Jul 2017

Love it!! hugs maria x x

by lbrow 10 Jul 2017

This is soooo cute!/Lillian

by sonjapotgieter 10 Jul 2017

Stunning!!!Awesome design!!

by pennyhal2 10 Jul 2017

Love those google eyes! Kids always seem to be looking out of the bus's windows.