by serendipity79 02 Jul 2017

A couple of cushions i've done lately to give as presents... all from Planet Applique... the S i forgot to put some backing material when i did the applique.. so it didnt come as taut as i would have liked it to be... also i was a bit dissapointed with the pull effect on the material on Elenia cushion... it think it is not just a matter of choosing the right stabilizers but also the material is an issue...


by lbrow 02 Jul 2017

Terrific work you have done with these cushions/Lillian

by Flghtlss 02 Jul 2017

I think they look lovely! I LOVE the nautical alphabet. :)

by sonjapotgieter 02 Jul 2017

Awesome work done!!!Beautiful

by missqueenbee47 02 Jul 2017

Love you work.

by pennyhal2 02 Jul 2017

Your choices of thread and fabric really make these fun and interesting projects. Love how you coordinated the rope and anchor.

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Jul 2017

You created some awesome pillows. Nice work. Love them all

by noah 02 Jul 2017

Love the rope font is it from planet to??Hugs

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 03 Jul 2017

thanks :) yes it is from planet applique

by sandralane 02 Jul 2017

Great designs, embroidered beautifully. Sandra.

by pennifold 02 Jul 2017

Another beautiful set of cushions, love Chris