by basketkase 9d ago

Well, Jim & I both had that crappy cough stuff going around.....both still coughing but feeling a bit better.......

So got to get this set is called Floral Corner Set, there are 6 4x4's in this will be up on my website tonight.......


by lbrow 9d ago

They are all terrific Vicki/Lillian

by katydid 9d ago

Are you psychic? I was just thinking of napkin corners that did not call for a monogram. The farm house decor look has me looking for rooster corners. Hen houses appear to be in style in urban settings. Kay

by graceandham 9d ago

One each on napkins, two on a kitchen towel, one at an angle for a v neck look on a t shirt. Quite pretty.

by dragonflyer 9d ago

The are lovely!

by sdrise 9d ago

Very nice designs... Hope you both feel better soon!!

by noah 9d ago

Lookin Good hugs

by sonjapotgieter 9d ago

Such Beautiful corners!!!Gorgeous!!!Hope you feel better!!!