by basketkase 12 May 2017

Here are two I got done today.......first is Butterfly Floral Appl......the butterfly in it is can see what happens when you cut too close to the line, my fabric frayed at the hoo......anyway the other one I thought would be cute for a wedding or anniversary....This one will go to Andi (I blurred the last name).....she can then frame it........this one is called Carried Away....both will be up on my website tonight....


by sonjapotgieter 13 May 2017

Both such Stunning designs!!A lit Non Fray will do the magic!!!

by pennyhal2 13 May 2017

Lovely butterfly and very cute kitties! When I have cut too close to the edge, I put a small line of fray check to cover that area about 1/8" wide and wait for it to dry before stitching the satin stitches. I've I'm ultra concerned, I also float a small piece of cutaway stabilizer under it. I just pin it in place and cut it away after stitching that part. And...then if it still looks iffy, I'll put a tiny line of fray check on top. If you put too much fray check on, it can discolor the fabric a little.

by Sewmum1 12 May 2017

Pretty butterfly and the balloon cats are cute