by lique 21 Apr 2017

Retro bag made of quilted squares. Embroidery designs from Sew swell . I love these bags, although I always forget how to sew it together.


by Shisha 24 Jun 2017

Beautiful!!! May I ask where you got the bag pattern?

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Shisha by Shisha 24 Jun 2017

Oooops! Didn't read the comments before I asked the question! I think Toogie answered my question.

by crazypatchmama 24 Apr 2017

lovely embroideries and rounding up the squares with the beautiful fabric really gave it style.

by vickiannette 23 Apr 2017

new take on a lovely older style. I do love it.

by baydreamer 23 Apr 2017

This is great!

by toogie edited 22 Apr 2017

Cuties, go to You Tube and type in quilted rag bag. There is a video showing how to make one, the frayed edge way, out of charm packs. Then there is another video, type Handmade bags. This is another bag made by the same lady.

Also, years ago gave us a pdf and I think it had redwork blocks. I finally located my pdf on one of my USB sticks, the designs may have been sold separately. It looks like the Sensational Sashiko bag they have there, if I remember right.
Anyway, thought maybe you may want to check these places out.
I just love lique's print fabric she used for this....I wonder where she found it...

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lique by lique 23 Apr 2017

I Found it in a local shop. Retro mushrooms!

by sewdeb 22 Apr 2017

I love this bag!!! Great job!

by crafter2243 Moderator 22 Apr 2017


by dragonflyer 22 Apr 2017

Love it...nice job!

by queenofhearts 22 Apr 2017

Good job, your colors coordinate beautifully.

by Sewmum1 22 Apr 2017

It is beautiful. Love the colours and designs

by sonjapotgieter 22 Apr 2017

Beautiful!!Well done

by lbrow 22 Apr 2017

I LOVE IT!/Lillian

by shirley124 21 Apr 2017

Beautiful designs and choice of fabrics. hugs

by noah 21 Apr 2017

Love it excellent job hugs

by pennifold 21 Apr 2017

Fabulous job on this bag. I know it as a Charm Square Jewel bag and I've got a link here for anyone who wants to know how to assemble it. Love Chris

noah by noah 21 Apr 2017

thanks Chris****

jgwatchorn by jgwatchorn 21 Apr 2017

Thankyou again Chris...Janette

worthy by worthy 23 Apr 2017

Thank you that was so thoughtful.

by bemara 21 Apr 2017

Great bag, your fabric and the designs harmonise perfectly :-) hugs Maria

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Apr 2017

Great designs and lovely colours for a super bag

by babash 21 Apr 2017

Everything is just so perfect with this bag. Colours and designs. Love it. Well done.

by toogie 21 Apr 2017

Emb is pretty but I love the fabric for the strips and handles! I need to make me one....I think I got a pdf instructions for one but I can't remember what the bag is called......

by vanouq 21 Apr 2017

Ce sac est vraiment adorable, très chic ! bravo !

by katydid 21 Apr 2017

This is lovely and I love your choice of fabrics. Where do I find this pattern? Kay

lique by lique 21 Apr 2017

I got it from my quilting class. So I am afraid I am unable to share the pattern.

toogie by toogie 21 Apr 2017

Kay I thought Kenny Kreations had it at one time, I am not certain. Google if you know the name of it. I'm sure there is a pdf free somewhere.

katydid by katydid 22 Apr 2017


by pennyhal2 21 Apr 2017

It is wonderful that your cat knows how to operate your computer! This bag is terrific! I love the use you made of all the designs.

by greytgirl 21 Apr 2017

Your Retro bag is lovely!

by drh2276 21 Apr 2017

Very cute bag!

by basketkase 21 Apr 2017 the cat helping you out.....this bag is awesome!

by lique 21 Apr 2017

Sorry for the duplicate. My cat walked over the IPad while it was loading, must have hit the submit button.

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katydid by katydid 21 Apr 2017

Too, cute!