by basketkase 5d ago

This design is stitched on the fabric Boomer gave me....I am loving it....he uses it on his custom car interiors....he told me to do some designs on it and if I get some frames he will mount them for will get a group together for him to do that for me and I can show them at my fall shows and give people ideas of how these can be used... this one is called Icklepeeps EB (easter bunny) and isn't it a hoot? It will be up on my website tonight......don't you love his belly pulling the bunny outfit apart?


by sonjapotgieter 4d ago

Sure looks so Sad!!!Gorgeous design...

by graceandham 5d ago

Love his big feet and facial expression.

by babash 5d ago

So funny. Can almost see someone looking green after eating too many Easter Eggs.

by crazypatchmama 5d ago

you are one funny lady, yes, love the belly :-)

by sewdeb 5d ago

Oh, Vicki! I actually laughed out loud at this little guy! He may not be "hoppy" but it sure made me happy! Hugs*