by basketkase ( edited 5d ago ) 6d ago

Tyler's latest creation.......this is a Toddler size 2 jacket that he was commissioned to do and he had me embroider both his logo's on it.....this was so fun for me to do......I love these itty bitty clothes......I added a pic of the happy recipient of his new jacket......look at that face!!


by noah 5d ago

looks great hugs

by lbrow 6d ago

I simply adore this/Lillian

by pennifold 6d ago

It looks fabulous Vicki, great job. Love Chris

by babash 6d ago

I love the individual look of this jacket.
Does the embroidery show on the lining?
When I am doing something from scratch I embroider then stitch together.

basketkase by basketkase 6d ago

Yes, it does show.........Tyler had already made the jacket and brought it over premade, he knew it would show on the inside......we also prefer it not to show, but this was a rush job for him.......

babash by babash 5d ago

The new owner of the jacket sure doesn't care if stitches show inside that is for sure. He look so happy in it,

by sonjapotgieter 6d ago

Great work done..Stunning