by noah 13 Mar 2017

I am taking a lip reading course as i and very hard of hearing and thought this might help me lol I want to make the girls and the 2 teachers a gift*** ***I had help from a friend with these and am ever so thank-ful***Here is my start so far***Thanks for LQQKING!!hugs Carolyn


by philippeichhorn 15 Mar 2017

Haha, this is really cool! Well done :)

by lucypiwow 15 Mar 2017


by sonjapotgieter 15 Mar 2017

Well done...What an Inspiration you are to us????Stunning and Great work!!!

by dragonflyer 13 Mar 2017

So nice that you want to give your teachers and staff a "treat" for their efforts in teaching...teachers do not get enough appreciation...ever!
You have done a great job in getting designs so specific to your class...kuddos to you, my friend....they will love these!

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noah by noah 14 Mar 2017

Well thanks Kim i will take a few tonight and i am always so thank-ful for cuties willing to help me with my special needs to****Seems i always got a new idea and need lol and it is so thrilling to see it /them sewed out **Hugs

by katydid 13 Mar 2017

Hearing loss is in my family, also. My hearing aid only lasted a couple of years and then Obama Care wiped out my coverage so I only get half the conversation. I don't know if we will ever get out insurance back before Obama Care. I would love to be able to hear again. Kay

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noah by noah 13 Mar 2017

me ***too around three grand here for a set and not top of the line :(:(

by toogie 13 Mar 2017

Nice job Carolyn.
I've never heard (pardon the pun) of lip reading classes, but this is what I have done for years. When I speak with someone I watch their lips to fully understand, but its bad when you're not facing them. Hard of hearing must have ran through my moms side, as all my uncles and my mom suffered, my sister and me.
I told my kids I will be like my Uncle George one day, just smile and nod at everything. They said no, get a hearing aide!
My daughter said you know how you can have a group of people seated and whisper something in one person's ear. Then its whispered in the next ones ear. At the end the last person is suppose to speak aloud what was whispered. It has usually changed somewhat, by the time it gets to the last person. Anyway, she said it would have been wrong from the start, if I was seated at the first chair!

noah by noah 13 Mar 2017

lol me to thanks Toogie hugs

jgwatchorn by jgwatchorn 14 Mar 2017

Hello toogie, The game is called Chinese Whispers.I played the game as a child and still love it. The first person is to read the saying to themselves, and pass it on, so there is no cheating/changing the original message. Such fun.Janette

toogie by toogie 15 Mar 2017

Janette, I would have to be first, as I can still read!-lol

by sandralane 13 Mar 2017

Great work Carolyn, you always have the perfect designs for your projects. Good luck with the lip reading classes, I hope that they will be useful to you. Sandra.

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noah by noah 13 Mar 2017

Me to i learn't a lot in one week 11 more to go & # two is tomorrow night hugs

by pennifold 13 Mar 2017

Well done and congratulations on doing the lip reading course. Love Chris

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noah by noah 13 Mar 2017

thanks Chris hugs

by babash 13 Mar 2017

What a great selection of designs. They will love them. Hope all goes well with the lip reading classes.

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noah by noah 13 Mar 2017

thanks me to hugs

by pennyhal2 13 Mar 2017

Gosh, I could use these for my husband! Love the towels! Those are quite unique designs and I wish there were more like these on websites.

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noah by noah 13 Mar 2017

there are a few out there lol

by brendalea 13 Mar 2017

Great job on the towels. They will love them. Thank you for sharing.
Happy stitching

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noah by noah 13 Mar 2017

thanks Brenda hugs

by mechille 13 Mar 2017

Great job.... I guess you got your machines back.... bet your glad. :)
Never seen a design like this.... great job. :)

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noah by noah 13 Mar 2017

there hard to find lol

by sonjapotgieter 13 Mar 2017

So Beautiful!!!Well done

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noah by noah 13 Mar 2017

Thanks Sonja hugs