Colors: 21 

Letter Z

Design #: 10469425
Price: $1.97
Design Details
Size (in): 6.69"(w) x 5.28"(h)
Size (mm): 170 x 134
Stitches: 29000
Colors: 21 Color Chart: View | Print
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valentineframefont z
rescuer by rescuer 6d ago

Thank you for all the designs you give. This is the BEST embroidery website!
For those missing a design, VOTE for it. Also, if you scroll through the "Thank you's" -- you will see when the design was last offered by the date and the number of positive comments.

jarca by jarca 7d ago

thank you


Thanks. I stitched out the L from yesterday and was pleased the way it stitched out.

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DeniseDonini by DeniseDonini 8d ago

thanks, I loved

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Please, please, please vote for A & B. Thank you! Grazie! Merci!

craft6767 by craft6767 8d ago

thank you

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grazie mille

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Thank you so much!!!!

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thank you very much

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sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 14d ago

So Beautiful!!!Thank you so very much!!!!

momac by momac 14d ago

Thank you for another lovely alphabet.


Grazie per questo bellissimo alfabeto ,mi manca H - J .

milva by milva 14d ago

grazie mille bellissima

neene by neene 14d ago

lieben Dank

DKLC by DKLC 14d ago

Thank you very much!

pacmp by pacmp 14d ago

Thank You for another amazingly beautiful set of designs! Thank you not just for the free gifts but the ability to purchase memberships or get single or sets for a reasonable prices that stitch out beautifully. You help people of all income levels to enjoy this wonderful hobby we all enjoy so much.

Miriamontiveroscelis by Miriamontiveroscelis 14d ago

Thank you so much!, beautiful alphabet complete!

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tammy564 by tammy564 14d ago

Need the G please

mpeart by mpeart 14d ago

Thank you

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cj2sew by cj2sew 15d ago

Z best alphabet, thank you

Charris1599 by Charris1599 15d ago

Thank You!

rebug by rebug 15d ago

Beautiful. Thanks.

cutepaws by cutepaws 15d ago

Thank you so much my Font set is now complete.

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Thank you

maca6o by maca6o 15d ago

dank je wel deze keer is het kompleet

maca6o by maca6o 15d ago

dank je wel deze keer is het kompleet

Kaye52 by Kaye52 15d ago

Thank you so much

janey by janey 15d ago

Thanks missing "Y" no internet. High winds!

Marie6 by Marie6 15d ago

thank you

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sewdenise by sewdenise 15d ago

Such a beautiful font! Thank you so much!

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thank you

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merci beaucoup pour cet alphabet

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bellissimo grazie

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That you!

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thank you very much

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Thank you very much

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Morinda by Morinda 15d ago

Thank you very much. Large and good visable.

chalkdust100 by chalkdust100 15d ago

Thank you.

gramsbear by gramsbear 15d ago

Thanx for another Wonderful Alphabet!!! You choose the Greatest for us!!! Thanx & Hugs!!! Judy...

ullis by ullis 15d ago

Thanks ☺

chinellie by chinellie 15d ago

please vote for letter U to complete the alphabet thank you

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Thank you

craftysewer by craftysewer 15d ago

Very attractive, thanks, Leila

JeanW by JeanW 15d ago

Missed the P. Please vote on it. Thank you

chips by chips 15d ago

Missing the P and R - thank you

chips by chips 15d ago

Thank you so much

linwood by linwood 15d ago

thank you very much for this font

Anny23 by Anny23 15d ago

Thanks for this font, i need the letter T, please wote for it

tricotine31 by tricotine31 15d ago

Merci pour ce charmant alphabet tout en délicatesse. Bravo au créateur !!!

peafarm by peafarm 15d ago

Thank you

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Thank you!

monaels by monaels 15d ago

Thank you for this beautiful completed font. one of the nicest I have.

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thanks so much for another lovely alpha set

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Thanks for this great alphabet!!

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Thank you for another great alphabet monogram set

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This is so beautiful and elegant. Thank you so much.