by serendipity79 24 Jan 2017

Some more cosmetic bags that i gave as presents... tried to use the two toned (variegated) thread that i had bought before i even owned an embroidery machine! little did i know how important the quality of the thread was to make my life easier!! the back design with the gold thread was a nightmare to finish... thread kept breaking every other second! had to switch to another thread so half design is with the variegated thread and half with a solid colour...didnt repeat the same mistake when i did the purple bag! I also made a mistake with the S... it is upside down!! The quilting i also done with variegated thread... still unsure on how i feel about the end result... thoughts??


by decojo 04 Feb 2017

Lovely bags!

by airyfairy 04 Feb 2017

Absolutely beautiful.

by lesleywynne 04 Feb 2017

Lucky beneficiaries! These are beautiful bags and congratulations on your excellent workmanship!

by DKLC 26 Jan 2017

Beautiful done! I like the was the S look. Would have not know it was upside down. Is there a web site where you got the design? I really like the two tone colors. Just keep on making they I don't get tired of seeing then or any other design done by other embroiders. It helps all of us.

by jrob Moderator 25 Jan 2017

I like both of them and don't tell on yourself. :)

by sandralane 25 Jan 2017

I think you have done a grand job with these cosmetic bags. No one would have know the letter S was upside down unless you mentioned it., but it still looks good. Sandra.

by shirley124 24 Jan 2017

I love them all and I would not have noticed the S upside down. Grerat gifts. Hugs

by noah 24 Jan 2017

Love them very much hugs

by aussiequilter 24 Jan 2017

what lovely little makeup bags

by grannycottage 24 Jan 2017

A very good job. I love the two cosmetic bags. The position of the letter S is not inconvenient.

by sonjapotgieter 24 Jan 2017

A big Wow!!!Excellent work done!!!Beautiful...Love them

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Jan 2017

Great work. Love each one of them and the S..... I would have never noticed.

by theduchess 24 Jan 2017

I think the S is perfect the way it is. I love the scrolls also, great job. Stella

by basketkase 24 Jan 2017

These are all gorgeous.....

by Elvaea 24 Jan 2017

Beautiful, all of them!

by carolpountney 24 Jan 2017

Very nice quilting great

by lilylady 24 Jan 2017

They will Love because you made them. Life is not perfect!

by dragonflyer 24 Jan 2017

Lovely bags...

by sjbrower 24 Jan 2017

On the S.... I do that sometimes as well. The design you used is just fine the way it is. I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't say so (and I have an S name myself). Love the variegated thread on the quilting. It makes the quilting look even more dimensional. These are great bags!

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sjbrower by sjbrower 24 Jan 2017

I just noticed.... these are the Jenny Doan bags?? I love the little fabric tab on both ends of the zipper. It's a nice finishing touch. --Sharon

by jenne 24 Jan 2017

Be proud, they look real nice.

by evilsoft 24 Jan 2017

As a user of S, I critique them often. This is lovely.
I certainly would be honored with such a beautiful piece. The hours you spent getting it quilted were rewarded with this visual delight.
Great work.

by sdrise 24 Jan 2017

Beautiful !! they came out so nice!

by grossfamilie 24 Jan 2017

How beautiful!

by mechille 24 Jan 2017

Nice job. :)

by pennifold 24 Jan 2017

Simply gorgeous ❤️ Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Jan 2017

What beautiful work I just love both bags

by bielie 24 Jan 2017

Your bags are stunning, love it. Well done. I also love veriegated threads, and use the very pale ones for background quilting on light fabric.