by basketkase 8d ago

Well, the circus is leaving us in a few weeks and will be replaced with Super Hero numbers and Alphabet.....I will start with numbers and end with the alphabet......hope you will enjoy them......


by Kilandra 5d ago

I love these! Will they be available on your website?

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basketkase by basketkase 5d ago

Yes, they soon as the circus alpha finishes, then this will start.......The day they start the whole alpha with the letters will be available as well.....

by sewtired 7d ago

They look Terrific! You are too good to us. Guess you can't help being generous with us after taking such good care of all the kitties in your life. I think there is just something about rubbing up against kitty fur that is so soothing.

by sonjapotgieter 7d ago


by graceandham 7d ago

Pow! They are awesome. Thanks for your gifts. I look forward to using the Circus alpha when complete.

by serendipity79 7d ago

they look great! thank you very much

by noah 7d ago

They look COOL!!! hugs

by Barbaric 7d ago

Just love them