by michemb 09 Jan 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone,

here is my completed holiday family for my front porch. I enjoyed making these so much. They are now safely and warmly tucked away until next year.
thanks for peeking
hugs to all


by lindamb 19 Jan 2017

All "SEW" cute, wish I had thought of these. Did you have a pattern for these or make them up as you went along? Just wonderful Guess have to try my hand at some of these for this next Xmas.

by anitapatch 19 Jan 2017

Lovely family you have created

by pldc 18 Jan 2017

darling setup & the plush are fantastic Michelle!~hugs~

by cfidl 18 Jan 2017

Adorable snow family!

by Shisha 18 Jan 2017

OMG! I love these!!! Sooooo cute!

by mgregg01 14 Jan 2017

so cute, I love the faces.

by olymphe 14 Jan 2017

Wow je n'avais pas vue ça très joli j'adore les bonhomme de neige

by sonjapotgieter 11 Jan 2017

So Beautiful!!!Fantastic work done...What a Gorgeous feature!!!

by grossfamilie 10 Jan 2017

What a great welcome! Bienvenue! Everything wonderful - the idea - how you did all these fellows and, of course, y our front porch. I am pretty sure there is more to explore inside your house. Happy New Year and wishing you lots of health, luck and happiness. Hugs Maria

by Ossineu 10 Jan 2017

Wonderful idea. These are so beautiful. Happy New Year to you too:-)
Hugs, Angelika

by pennyhal2 10 Jan 2017

Wow! You have been busy making all these interesting visitors to your porch! Nicely arranged too.

by bowlds 10 Jan 2017


by sonjapotgieter 10 Jan 2017

Beautiful!!!Same to you /...Thank you

by harleysville 10 Jan 2017

This is / was so delightful. You are just a genius. Happy New Year.

by lbrow 10 Jan 2017

Hmmmm, I do believe they are some of my distant cousins. I would claim kinship any time. Love them/Lillian

by jrob Moderator 10 Jan 2017

I love these so much. What detail you have! The little boots, hats and I love the opened gift of snowballs! Perfect greeting to your home for visitors. Tell me, did you sit on the porch and chat with them? I would have. ;)

by pennifold 10 Jan 2017

Oh! Michelle these are just gorgeous. I can just imagine them sitting there on the swing seat waiting on your visitors. Look forward to seeing them all again this coming Christmas Love ❤️ Chris

by carolpountney 10 Jan 2017

Love your snow family great job

by greytgirl 09 Jan 2017

Such a festive front porch. Love your snow family!

by katydid 09 Jan 2017

I love your front porch. Excellent job!

by stella1 09 Jan 2017

WOW !!! Michele your holiday family for your front porch are excellent stunning and very cute .So lovely loved all of them colourful and so nice what an beautiful great job you have done. Happy New Year 2017 for you and your family.Hugs Stella

by dragonflyer 09 Jan 2017

What a cute front porch family it is!

by noah 09 Jan 2017

love them but wheres the snow???????????hugs

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pennifold by pennifold edited 11 Jan 2017

I can see snow on the trees through the porch railings Carolyn. Love ❤️ Chris

by sandralane 09 Jan 2017

Happy new year to you and your family Michelle, what a fantastic job you have done they are all so beautifully made. Well done. Sandra.

by bevnorris 09 Jan 2017

These folk are just wonderful! I love the attention to detail on each costume. Your house must look delightful at Christmas time and I am envious of your front porch! Congratulations!!