by awesome1 09 Dec 2016

Fridge handle covers..ok...I'm such a copycat, but when I saw pamelahess's covers, I just had to have. My hubby keeps our fridge handles messy, so I went to my sewing rm and created these ITH. I had snow people appliqués from long ago, so here they are. Oh, thx Pamela, so much, for the inspiration.


by mechille 13 Dec 2016

These are so cute.... I am addicted to snowmen.... wish I had handles like this so I could make some.. he he Great job. Thanks for sharing.

by mariahail 12 Dec 2016

by crazypatchmama 11 Dec 2016

Really adorable. would not have a clue how to do this but it is really useful as you said. Happy 3rd Advent to all. Hugs, Mary

by dragonflyer 11 Dec 2016

Just took a peek at Sweet Pea's...strange that they are not done totally in the hoop...but one strip of the velcro is added on the sewing need as it could easily be done in the probably could have done your snowpeople attached to the quilted strip all ITH too if your hoops were large enough...they are adorable!

by carolpountney 11 Dec 2016

These are so cute I just might copy your idea and thanks you Pamela for the original idea you ladies are so clever

by sonjapotgieter 10 Dec 2016

They so Cute and Adorable...Just love them..Beautiful!!!

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awesome1 by awesome1 10 Dec 2016

Thank you...the carrot nose makes it so cute.

by pennifold 09 Dec 2016

I've bought the design from Sweetpea, but have yet to make them. Yours are gorgeous. Love Chris

awesome1 by awesome1 10 Dec 2016

I just searched that site, but could not find anything but you tubes. I just made the quilted rectangle ITH and the snow people separately....stitched them to the top. Please share yours when made!

parkermom by parkermom 10 Dec 2016

Here's the fridge handle wraps direct link:

awesome1 by awesome1 11 Dec 2016

No need to buy if you have a quilted rectangle in your stash of designs. Easy to add an applique or other design. My size is 5.5 x 9inches before topping off with the snow people patches.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 11 Dec 2016

I'll have to take a peek at Sweet Pea's....

by katydid 09 Dec 2016


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awesome1 by awesome1 10 Dec 2016

AHHH...thank you!

by noah 09 Dec 2016

oh how cute i love this idea myself****maybe*****

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awesome1 by awesome1 10 Dec 2016

I'm loving them too...thx to Pam for her posting. Made another set today for my extra fridge. Don't we all have one of those?

by pamelahess 09 Dec 2016

ha ha ha ha those are ADORABLE! Love 'em!

awesome1 by awesome1 10 Dec 2016

Thx Pam..was afraid you might come after me for copying your idea. Made another set for my extra fridge this a,m. But just holiday fabric-no patches.

pamelahess by pamelahess 10 Dec 2016

You know, it's funny you should say that. A few months ago when I posted the Santa by himself, I received a nice comment and a "like" from someone. A few days later she posted a picture of one she made and said that she just all of a sudden came up with the idea. That DID tick me off. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk as they say. Anyway, I'm going to make a microwave handle cover for normal use. My microwave is above my gas range and when I'm cooking full steam ahead on the range, the handle of the microwave gets so hot it burns my hands. Have fun sewing!

awesome1 by awesome1 11 Dec 2016

Excellent idea and use for the handlecover to put on your microwave. Thx again for posting the covers--I would have never thot, and I just love mine. This morning at 5 a.m., I didn't have sticky to wash off before opening the fridge--haha. ITH are my favorite projects.

chartx by chartx 12 Dec 2016

These are great. My daughter's stainless fridge arrives with covers from her mother-in-law. She made them for fingerprints. I didn't think I needed any. BUT NOW I DO!!
Grands will love them too! Great idea