by rescuer Moderator 17 Nov 2016

How to download the free designs:

First: Please -- you must understand where your downloaded files will go. You may need help with this (a neighbor, friend, or family member might help with this) if you do not know.

Next; select the design that is free to download (go to the page of the design by clicking on it). Don't select an advertisement -- that will really confuse things.

Next; see that the design you want is free. I have highlighted the price and the size of the design in the first picture.

Next; to see the colors needed or to print/save the information, select "Print" as shown highlighted in the second picture.

Next; you will see in the third picture that there are blue "buttons" I have circled with the highlighter. Select one or more file types that will work with your machine. I often select 3 to download. Clicking on the button causes the download to go to your default file for downloads or your computer may use a pop-up to ask you where you want the file. You do NOT need to open the file. If you want to do that -- you will need software that can "read" the file. Adobe cannot "read" these files.

Please note: the messages sent via email do NOT contain the file. You must visit the website within the allotted time (usually 24 hours) to acquire the file using the steps just outlined.


by rescuer Moderator 25 Feb 2018

You do not need your computer to "read" these files. They are ready to transfer to your embroidery machine. The only exception would be zipped files. You can right click those files and choose "extract" or "extract all" to unzip the files. Once they are unzipped, they are ready to transfer to your embroidery machine.