by michemb 12 Sep 2016

Good morning cuties,

Well I finally finished my sister's quilt. Many hours of love went into this one but it was so worth it to see their reaction, she cried and just couldn't get over it. I was so pleased. She had asked for a sun and moon to be incorporated in the quilt and that was not an easy task. She loves (is obsessed) with anything sunset and sunrise so I went with the colors to represent those themes. It is a little offset because I thought I was finished and turns out I had to add another row (darn 15'' matresses) and then I didn't have enough of the brown fabric left to continue my pattern on the bottom. Nevertheless it is more than perfect in her eyes and that's what matters. That's me in the first picture with my thumb's up. I am so relieved it is done.
So thanks for peeking, have a great day,


by denise60 22 Sep 2016

this quilt is lovely I done a tree of life quilt for my mum and know how many hours were spent on that she will just adore it is truly is lovely

by oaro 17 Sep 2016


by lbrow 17 Sep 2016


by michemb 17 Sep 2016

thanks everyone,
I so appreciate your interest, your comments and encouragement,
hugs and flowers to all

by grannycottage 15 Sep 2016

It is a beautiful gift and very generous. The quilt is stunning as are the colors.You can be proud of the result and delighted by the pleasure it brings to your sister.

by maggiecal 15 Sep 2016

Oh, it is just beautiful!! Congratulations on completing a wonderful work.

by katydid 15 Sep 2016

Love it!!!

by cj2sew 15 Sep 2016

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift. She is going to owe you big time for this one. You did an outstanding job.

by brendalea 15 Sep 2016

Love the quilt, it turned out beautiful. Could you let me know where the sun and moon designs are from? I love suns and moons and would love to add them into my sisters quilt of Rhino. Thank you for sharing.
Happy Stitching!!! :~)

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michemb by michemb 17 Sep 2016

thank you
The sun is a design I put together myself. The moon is a design that I will try to find where it came from and let you know.

by harleysville 13 Sep 2016

A beautiful labor of love Michelle. You did a wonderful job. Nice to see sisterly love on display.

by sonjapotgieter 13 Sep 2016

So Stunning!!!!Great work

by stella1 13 Sep 2016

Michelle Your quilt is excellent and so beautiful love the colours and the sun and moon .You work so hard on this beautiful quilt you also make it with all your love for your sister.Have been a nice day Hugs Stella

by cfidl 13 Sep 2016

Wow! That is a big quilt! Myst be California King. Excellent work.

by decojo 13 Sep 2016

Absolutely beautiful!

by lilylady 12 Sep 2016

It's beautiful Michelle, It will be treasured for a life time.

by shirley124 12 Sep 2016

Beautiful. Hugs

by noah 12 Sep 2016

Looks great my cute friend hugs

by crazypatchmama 12 Sep 2016

Wow!!! Am sure you worked so hard on this quilt. Am sure it will be highly appreciated by your sister for this work of love.

by pennifold 12 Sep 2016

I knew you were working hard on this one Michelle, what an absolutely stunning quilt. I am in awe of your efforts. I love the way you have made the top and it looks like it was meant to be that way. I know why your sister was so thrilled with it, you are such a wonderful seamstress and I know how many hours went into this one. It will be treasured for always. Great job, love Chris

by basketkase 12 Sep 2016

Stunning, Michelle, as all your work is........I bet you were as thrilled to give it as your sis was to receive it......

by pldc 12 Sep 2016

It looks wonderful Michelle & no one would know you ran out every quilter knows it is simple creative design!! It looks amazing!

by toogie 12 Sep 2016

Beautiful! A Masterpiece! Love! These are all the things I see (and so does your sis I'm sure) when I look at this quilt. If it was all done ITH, it must have taken you a long time, as it looks queen or king sized. Very nice Michelle.

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michemb by michemb 17 Sep 2016

thanks Toogie, center panel allITH Hoop Sisters) and all other blocks my design. This was a queen sized quilt

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Sep 2016

A super job. No wonder your sister was in tears. A wonderful piece to be cherished

by dee 12 Sep 2016

What a beautiful quilt. I can see why she loved it.

by jerrib 12 Sep 2016

Wow, Michelle, this is a work of art. I can see why she loves it.
Well done.

by olymphe 12 Sep 2016

Wow Michelle Fabuleuse ta quilt ta soeur a raison d’être contente
Un gros Bravos que de patience

by dragonflyer 12 Sep 2016

Truly a work of art...beautiful!

by bejoscha 12 Sep 2016

What a beautiful warm colors quilt! You did a terrific work...

by graceandham 12 Sep 2016

What a work of love. By the way, I love your quilt display stand - the two cut-off stumps with living models.

by glob69 12 Sep 2016

Beautiful Michele! I know she was so happy that you did this for her and she would not have cared what you said was wrong with it. I don't see anything. You did a fabulous job. Hugs and blessings. Gail

by gougousse 12 Sep 2016

WOW, MAGNIFIQUE, tu as de quoi être fière.

by peafarm 12 Sep 2016

This is quite fabulous. I can see the many hours of 'love' you put in to this. Striking pattern especially for one who loves moon and sun. Was this an ITH block? I've never seen this pattern but lol, I am not a big quilted although I love looking at all the pretty pictures in the books. What a treasure. I know you'll sure be her favorite sister! Masterpiece.

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michemb by michemb 17 Sep 2016

thanks, the center panel is done ITH frim Hoop Sisters. My frist time trying the technique