by glob69 16 Aug 2016

Here is a towel like Caroline made. I don't think that the you can tell what the design is very well. What do you all think? Just a few ornaments that I made. Thanks for looking. Hugs, Gail


by noah 17 Aug 2016

Ok tells us what it is lol leaves???how did you get such a long towel ???Aren't these fun to make???I know some of mine look better in real life as compared to a picture lol Keep going Gail hugs from Carolyn

by lbrow 16 Aug 2016

Looks good!/Lillian

by sandralane 16 Aug 2016

Great work. Sandra.

by sonjapotgieter 16 Aug 2016

Christmas bulbs???Gorgeous

by marianb 16 Aug 2016

Very nice smart design.. Marian

by pennifold 16 Aug 2016

It looks great, they look like Coffee Beans. Love Chris

glob69 by glob69 16 Aug 2016

They are in the shape of a coffee mug Chris. Thank you for you kind words.

pennifold by pennifold 16 Aug 2016

Thanks Gail, yes, I could see it was a coffee mug. It's such a lovely colour and I LOVE the Santas. I've done that holly FSL for my ladies luncheon this year, it's such a wonderful design. Love Chris