by jrob Moderator ( edited 06 Jul 2016 ) 14 Jun 2016

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by judyk3021 15 Dec 2017

how to I down designs I paid for. I click on pes and want to save to a thumb drive. I cannot find what program will open it and given no choice where to download????? I would like my money back please

rescuer by rescuer 15 Dec 2017

That is a setting on your computer. Clicking on the design file, the design downloads to your computer. Only special embroidery software will allow you to open it. Do you have embroidery software?
To find your download, search your computer for the design file name -- a set of numbers. Once found, you can drag and drop it onto your usb, provided it is plugged in.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 15 Dec 2017

Let me remind you that these are not zip files. They are ready to go to your machine. By default downloads go in the "Download" folder of your computer but you can change it. The "save as" command usually does that and is different depending on what browser you are using.